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Squeezed out for player of the year, Perry Ellis earns first-team All-Big 12 selection

I think they got it wrong. Lately, the talk centers around how the talent gap between the Jayhawks and the rest of the league has diminished. It appears the Coaches agree since out the top 15 players in the league, only 2 come from KU, while 3 come from Baylor and ISU, and even OU, OSU, UT got 2 each. If our players aren't better than the rest of the players in the league (which is also questionable) then our coaching MUST be. It's a joke that Coach Self isn't COY. This shouldn't be graded on a curve. But I would bet that Coach Self isn't too concerned with what these other coaches think about him...he'll just smile and think about the rings.

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Kansas soccer's Ashley Williams earns two Big 12 weekly awards

I wonder how strong her leg is...can she kick footballs? We need someone to kick-off at a minimum.

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Unidentical twins: Rajon Rondo, Tyshawn Taylor have alliterative names, different games

Why compare Tyshawn as a 22 year old pre-draftee to a now veteran Rondo? Anyone can do that. It seems to me that projecting what a player can be under the right circumstances is where the focus should be. Tyshawn to Rondo when he was at Kentucky and its fan base wanted to get rid of him. They thought he made too many turnovers and tried to make too many flashy plays...they joked about cutting off his fingers b/c they were so long that it caused him to shoot poorly.

Wouldn't it be nice to be an NBA exec and make loads of cash for guessing about players?!

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Brownback not interested in keeping MU rivalry

Wow! Some very idiotic comments so far. We all enjoy reading the comments of the anonymous nobodies on here...yet when the governor states his opinion (one which most of us share) people spew contempt. Regardless of his name, political party, or college affiliation, the opinion is well worth hearing on this matter. From the undertones of the comments, I'm guessing that if Bill Snyder and/or George W. Bush endorsed our stance, some of you would probably want to change course and continue the series with the slavers!

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Cliff's Notes: Bill Self press conference, 1/19/12

Wasn't it '01 when we lost to Illinois? I remember losing to Maryland in the FF in '02.

Now I'm curious if Self really remembers a lot about KU's 2001-02 team? Is this his error or the JW's?

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Visit to continue voting for the All-Decade Team

Funny how expectations can kill you. Chenowith has to be one of the most punished of all Jayhawks because of failing to meet expectations. Look at his overall stats...fits right in with Kief and Cole...

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Heralded recruit Terrence Jones to take visit to KU on Sunday

Exactly. Bring in the best players and let the them fight it out in front of Coach Self.

I wonder if people wish that Paul Pierce would not have come to KU b/c it cost (a senior) Sean Pearson his starting role???

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Collins a Wooden candidate

I don't think we can play the east coast bias card on this one, yet. I think a deep run led by Collins would seal it. He has a national reputation for being clutch...largely based on the 2008 National Title Game. He's done enough's just about finishing strong.

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Warinner candidate for Akron head coaching job

Good points Tenacious...I'd still give Mangino some of the credit. I remember giving up 2nd half leads in 5 of the 6 losses in 2006 and yes, I remember Young catching hell. I also remember continually putting the best athletes on D back in the day. But I'll concede a little bit to you. Good work!

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Warinner candidate for Akron head coaching job

TenaciousD -

What Stats are you looking at? Check out. and you'll not see us anywhere near Top 5 in any category.

And the reason we didn't make plays this year was b/c Reesing couldn't move in the middle of the season. Looks like Reesing was the key to me...not Warriner. Not that Warriner didn't do a good job...just don't see him as the main reason of our success.

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