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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 10/11/11

The message board posters are claiming that Gill said the only practice with pads on Tuesday and allow full contact for 6 plays. They provide a link as proof. If true can you explain why this isn't covered in this article?

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Huskers relish chance to face BCS-level foe

Don't ever let anyone say that the LJW doesn't know its college football?

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Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries sentenced to two years probation, must repay thousands of dollars in KU ticket scandal

Tickets were tracked using a control that included a dry erase board!

Are you kidding me! Thosands actually millions of dollars in transactions being controlled in part by a dry erase board. Unbelievable!

This is where culpability passes further up the line within the athletic department management. Management is responsible for internal controls and dry erase boards are not part of any internal control involving thousands if not millions of dollars.

These guys got off easy but Lew and his henchmen/women got off even better. e.g. A retention bonus was paid to Lew as he was leaving. Other members of the Lew regime remain, dry erase boards controls in place to prevent further abuses.

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Big 12 saved after all: A reaction and a glance to the future

NU and CU gone means four less "guaranteed" wins in basketball. None of the south teams that KU will now play twice can be considered as such.

The new Big XII-II offices can now officially be moved to Austin.

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Five Big 12 schools left out of talks visit via teleconference

TCUs of the world doesn't equate to forming a superconference. A super conference of who? KU KSU MU ISU TCU. There's nothing super about a conference with that makeup. Who is available to add to make it super? Wichita State?

If your desire is to join a conference that KU can beat in football perhaps the Centennial League is entertaining offers.

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Kansas Athletics pledges to go 'above and beyond' to restore confidence of Jayhawk community

It continues to amaze me that Perkins and his minions share the credit for success on the field and on the court that they have done nothing to contribute to but aren't responsible for the processes directly under their control.

A high risk area such as tickets involving millions of dollars affecting thousands of people shoud have had an independent outside audit annually, period. The failure to implement such a basic control is the responsibility of Perkins and Marchioney. It is inexcusable to fail to implement such controls. Hot lines and internal auditors are window dressing. I can't believe the university doesn't already have such a whistle blower potection process already in place!

Perkins and Marchioney are part of the problem. But Hey Perkins and Marchioney got Joe College didn't they?

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Regents vice chair: KU ticket investigation 'goes deeper' than a simple campus matter

Perkins, Marchiony et al are responsible for insuring the proper controls are in place to prevent the possibility of fraud.

Just because he does something after it is brought to his attention does not relieve him of the responsibility to insure that systems are in place to prevent fraud and abuse.

March 26, 2010 at 4:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal ) to close Wednesday as settlement talks continue with KU, Kansas Athletics

Great day for Marchiony!

It is interesting that many people suggest that Perkins and Marchiony deserve credit for the success of some KU athletics programs.

If so, then why aren't Perkins and Marchioney responsible for the ticket situation?

Seems like Perkins and Marchiony are getting a pass when they are more directly responsible for that function than they are for the success on the court and field.

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KU declines to release details of Mangino's settlement agreement for now, says deal is not finalized

You got your scalp Journal World. Leave it alone.

It seems like you won't be satisfied until Coach Mangino has been crucified, drawn, quartered and his remains hung from the bridge over the Kansas River.

Perhaps you should reveal the un named sources used during the witch hunt.

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