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Allen Fieldhouse helps Turner Gill recruit for KU football, too

Student tickets are no longer physical tickets. Student tickets are loaded onto student ids now. The only way at ticket can be sold is through a transfer process that requires you to go through Athletics and pay a fee for the transfer. So I am unsure how they could be sold on the internet in the way you mention.

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Athletic fee at $80 per year for students

The fee was voted on by students. They voted to pay for the boat house. It was on referendum so Student Senate did not vote on this ...the students did.

Also is this the same Longwood that serves as for a beatdown opponent for all D-I basketball schools? Oh well a quick check says yes. In fact, KU plays them on November 12th in AFH,

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Sherron Collins goes undrafted

Scottie Reynolds of Villanova was also an AA and did not get drafted.

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Two successors stand above the rest to replace Kansas coach Mark Mangino

Charlie Strong is the man. He interviewed last time and was close to getting the job. His vision of a program is just amazing. At that time, he was merely a DC under Lou Holtz at South Carolina. However, now he has been the DC at Florida since 2002. It seems they have won some things in that time.

I just don't think Harbaugh comes to KU. I am also guessing that Stanford would be happy to match his salary to keep him. Also most of his national cred is built on taking shots a Pete Carroll. I don't know how he can do that from Kansas.

I am open to Sumlin, but I just have heard Charlie Strong's I guess that sways me.

Regardless I am sure this is not going to be like last time. I really do not see Lew forming a search committee outside of his personal office. I am guessing he will try to move fast, but I am sure we will all keep watching intently.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Time to call up one of the top candidates from the past search: Charlie Strong. He is ready!

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Will you attend KU football's spring game?

I would have happily went to the game, but I decided to go home for Easter weekend. I just wish it would have been next weekend.

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Thomas, Appleton leaving Kansas

Ummmm Taylor is not leaving....its Quintrell.

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Thomas, Appleton leaving Kansas

ya it is 1. I for some reason just forgot that we were already 1 over the limit if everyone stays. Thanks for the correction to many of the posters.

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Thomas, Appleton leaving Kansas

The scholarships it frees up would not go to CJ. The Yankees are paying his way through school. The scenario it could set up are endless. However, if X and CJ come that is only one scholarship. Therefore, I am guessing there might be another unknown out there maybe Stephenson or Orton (backing out of Kentucky b/c of Cousins).

This is also not surprising, but I am just glad it's not Travis Releford. Of the three mentioned I feared his transfer more than the other two. However, I am glad we had a year with Appleton and Q. I wish them the best in their future.

I am also guessing that this probably means Aldrich and Collins are staying. Otherwise, this move just doesn't make sense. I hope this means X, C.J. and unknown come on down to Lawrence...I am eagerly waiting.

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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

Seriously, has anyone actually listened to the Mangino video? I might be more convinced that he wanted students to stop the chant if it actually sounded like he cared. I think I have heard more conviction in someone trying to explain the directions on how to prepare mac and cheese. Also given his own YouTube video:it seems he is not really opposed to use of the word.In addition, the story on AP has a quote from Mortensen saying he attempts to do just what the students are screaming. Senior linebacker Joe Mortensen said the chant serves as motivation."When I try to hit people," Mortensen said, "that's what I try to do." think that the chant might eventually die out, but constantly complaining about it will not do it. I actually heard quite a few more people put a little extra into it. I am guessing that if people keep making a huge stink about this:well then the students will do it just to defy the complainers. We have already sanitized the Border War :.I mean oops Border Showdown, but that has not stopped people from using the old name.The only real way it ends is if there is some sort of alternative chant. I do have to say that the chant post-safety "you let the whole team down" at the QB:.was pretty funny.Ultimately, this is college football. If you want rules and regulations go to a No Fun League game. I can guarantee you that hearing that word a few times a game pales in comparison to the number of times I heard it in the tailgating ares from some of these same so-called upstanding community elders and alums.Also on the PTI note...the commentators spent more time talking about the picture of Mangino next to the Orange Bowl mascot than they did seriously discussing this issue.

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