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Tom Keegan: Next season's Kansas basketball roster deeper, more balanced, greener

All I know about next years team is this: I don't want to ever see 4 Guards and a Center. I couldn't stand watching us get beat defensively down low. Villanova certainly had far better balance and just ran their Offense to perfection. Especially against us! Let's get back to rebuilding our low post defense.

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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson well on way to becoming Bill Self's best Kansas player

i have never in my life seen a guy who can use the backboard like Josh Jackson. He seems to understand all the angles and has a great attitude towards the coaching staff. I think he is settling in at the free throw line. Best freshman player ever.

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Tom Keegan: Four victories best bet for KU football in 2017

KU has to be able to score 40 points a game in the Big 12. Otherwise, we are going nowhere.
Definitely, Beaty has to realize that.

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley infused energy into Jayhawks and then he punted

Carter Stanley was great but the punt made no sense at all. This loss is on the Coach.

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Bill Self: Jayhawks' attitudes, toughness have them in position for 12th straight Big 12 title

I'm going with final fours as the way to get top recruits. Theres such a high expectation for the players but Sweet 16's are just not good enough.

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Self sees progress but looks for more

I admit that I thought Self pulled a Rabbit out of his hat with this recruiting class.
And agree with all of you that we are late to the party with our recruiting. Kentucky
is cleaning up. However, it's becoming pretty obvious (as much as I admire Frank
Mason for his courage) that we have no one like Valentine on the perimeter.

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Jr. Jayhawks: By any measure, Kansas is inexperienced

I think Coach Beaty is doing a great job and certainly looks more impressive than Weiss. I hope that Beaty pulls it all together. I think he's a winner.

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Former KU football coach Mangino out as Iowa State's offensive coordinator

I clearly think that Mark Mangino is outside the box. But, he certainly took KU Football to a whole new level.

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Devonté Graham projects as one of KU's all-time great point guards

How could you not cheer for Devonte Graham. A great kid with a great attitude and definitely, one of "the guys". Let's hope he turns out to be as good as anyone.

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Cliff Alexander hopes to make up for lost time

The NCAA is the problem. I actually feel sorry for Alexander. The "rules" are becoming harder and harder to live with.
Good luck Cliff!

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