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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

One year I think. I was thinking the same thing. It felt exactly like that last night even though we were listening on the radio out in CA. Great game and looking forward to more! Rock Chalk!

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Trip to KC should determine Jayhawks' March Madness map

Not too far for me! The game vs. Stanford in Sacramento was VERY well attended! Lots of KU fans in the Bay Area!

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Game day: No. 2 Kansas basketball vs. Louisiana

three games in seven games before any kind of break.

Look at it one more time...

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Dedric Lawson drops 31 points to guide Kansas past ESU

We did get it on ESPN+ in CA last night.

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To go or not to go: Fourth down debate continues for KU

The opposite is also very true. If you can figure out the message behind going against the correct "theoretical" calls on 4th down, don't you think the players can too? Beaty today played like a coach who believed his team would be in the game late, and guess what? They were. The coaches may have been the only ones in the stadium who truly believed that could happen. THAT is a powerful message. Perhaps his decisions gave the team the mental edge they needed.

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Column: Cyber bullies unfair to Ellis

John this comment could be applied to any bullying behavior as well as breaking the law. "Sorry officer, I just couldn't resist driving 10 mph over the speed limit." "Sorry mom, I just couldn't resist writing awful things about that girl in my class who committed suicide." Resisting is the point. The ability to resist is the difference between right and wrong. I will tell you the same thing I tell my kindergarteners: Learning when you are responsible for your own behavior and not making excuses is hard, maybe the hardest thing you will do all day. There is no excuse you can give me now that is going to make me say, "Oh, I get it now. Then go on ahead and be a bully. "

If you simply cannot resist, call LJW and have them deactivate your account so that you cannot comment. Either be responsible or take yourself out of the game. And remember, you are setting an example for young fans who read the comment section as well. You either teach bullying behavior is OK, or you teach responsibility with your posts.

There is no excuse for such behavior. That IS the point.

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4 things to know about KU football's upcoming coaching search

I don't know that this has been explored directly though some have alluded to it. Anyone else wondering if Zenger is crazy like a fox? If he wanted to both get rid of Weis and give Bowen a chance, this is the perfect way to do it. Avoid the controversy that comes with firing a coach mid-season by promoting the native son. I for one have not been at all surprised by the reception for Bowen. The players, fans and even the media have been nothing but positive. This promotion put a positive spin on a move that could be otherwise viewed with negativity. And, let's say he liked what he saw over the past couple of years from Bowen. As he began to consider this, he wanted to give him a chance. But can you go with someone without the head coach resume from the get go? If only he could find a way to give him a chance...and he did!!
My only disagreement is with those who think that 2 wins won't guarantee serious consideration. With 2 wins, he is in contention. With the schedule we have left, I think even wonder if 1 win and lots of close games (translate to on-field progress) would be enough.

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Opinion: 7-footer Embiid rare talent among Kansas big men

Andrew Wiggins is the preseason player of the year for

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And so it begins: Freshman Wiggins, Jayhawks set for season

Andrew Wiggins is's preseason player of the year.

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Key fumbles by key players doom Lousiana Tech

Agreed. We lost so many close ones last year that it is nice FINALLY to win a close one. Special teams were special!

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