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Links: Favorite in Big 12 North depends on whom you ask

Jimmy: Well played with the Boulder comment, I was thinking the same thing. I do have to agree with Freddy on our LBs though...right now they're very solid in run defense, but extremely vulnerable against the pass. I disagree that we need an overhaul to win the north though, because both Nebraska and Missouri have their fair share of weaknesses too. Like Jesse said, right now it's anyone's guess and while it's easy to make a case for whoever you advocate, it's just as easy to make one against that same team.

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KU-Iowa State football game to kick off at 11:30 a.m.

This being good enough to be televised thing, but not good enough for a prime time slot is really taking it's toll.

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KU coaches made right call by keeping Briscoe at kick returner

Great stuff, Jesse. After some initial hesitance, I came around as well. And this helps me quantify why.

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Now and then

Richard Johnson was (pre injury) and is our best defensive tackle. And it's not even close.

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UTEP to provide challenge on road

Pretty sure they went 1-3 in true road games and 2-0 on neutral fields.

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The hardest hitters in the Big 12

slantrox: Very good point. Hard to believe Opurum is the only offensive player listed. And a freshman at that, it's not like he's been getting hit by these guys on a regular basis.

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KU football practice report: Aug. 11

Thanks, that's what I figured. One more thing...where's Arist Wright? I can't imagine he's not a first team guy, but I noticed you also didn't list him with the second stringers.

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KU football practice report: Aug. 11

Jesse, could you tell a pecking order for defensive tackle? After RJJ and Zlatnik, was Blakesly next? How about Greene and Dorsey?

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KU football practice report: Aug. 11

Great stuff and much appreciated, Jesse.

Now let's all hope and pray that Quinton Woods takes that starting spot from Jeff Wheeler.

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Highest-paid coaches in college football

Yes, The Wire. .

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