Comment history over/under contest update; Big 12 week 6 picks: Nebraska or K-State?

Haha, I'd say so... not exactly a riveting contest for any Kansas fans.

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Latest on KU recruits Josh Selby, Doron Lamb and Terrence Jones

Damn, LJW footing the bill for Jessie to go to NYC to watch "potential" Kansas commits... I hope they know something we don't.

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Cold hard facts: brackets edition

Great to know!

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Lopsided loss mystifies MU

At the under eight minute timeout, we lost quite a few people. At the under four, we were probably down to is what it is, I guess, but it was pretty bad last night.

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Collins finds way to win — again

Kolby Bryant? Really?

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Bowen not named to K-State coaching staff

It's too bad KUSports can't make commenters prove that they have an opinion that's in some way valid...then again, they would probably lose about 90% of their commenters and that's no good for business.

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Oh, the memories

In fairness, the mistakes are still there at nearly 8:00...

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Mangino downplays Reesing injury

Senioridus, huh?

That sounds awfully serious.

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Branstetter's kick, celebration vault him to top spot

How quickly they turn...

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

Hey now, I think we all know the murph is the undisputed character assessor in these parts. What he says goes.

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