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Realignment Today: Is Florida State still in play for potential Big 12 expansion?

If they are "not choosing not to be foolish," does that mean they are choosing to be foolish?

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Notebook: Zach Peters to leave KU basketball program because of health issues

It's clear you've had your share of concussions also.

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Opinion: Weis not winning yet, but he gets his team ready Middle of the pack SEC teams are competitive with the to teams from every other conference, but middle of the pack Big 12 teams aren't generally competitive with top SEC teams. Missouri was one of the best teams in the Big 12 last year and they're a bottom-feeder in their new conference. The only reason they aren't THE bottom of their new conference is because of down years by usually good teams like Auburn and Tennessee.

KU is definitely improving, though, I'll agree with you on that. And I'm glad to see it, because they're more fun to watch now that they play hard for 60 minutes. (Or more than 60 minutes, as was the case yesterday!)

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Kansas football coach Charlie Weis deserves a share of the credit for Notre Dame revival under Brian Kelly

And most of the success he had at ND came with Tyrone Willingham's recruits.

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Opinion: In defense of a much-improved defense

Not using the time-outs at the end cost KU. I know Weis said something about not wanting to take the momentum away from his defense, but that defense had just gotten torched by letting Texas move about 60 yards in 30 seconds. I imagine they could have used a breather and a few moments of mental prep for the next few plays.

Even if KU had come up with another goal-line stand, what would it have mattered? Texas was already close enough for a game-tying FG. Not using the time-outs meant, essentially, that KU was conceding they were willing to go to OT after the FG instead of trying to score again.

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KU ranked No. 7 in first USA Today coaches poll and other Big 12 Media Day notes

It's not where you're ranked in the first poll, but where you're ranked in the final poll. Last year, KU started at 13 and finished at 2.

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Charlie Weis' search for a stronger foot comes up a foot short

At this point, Weis should be posting flyers in the dorms begging anyone who ever played soccer to come and try out.

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Patching up passing game a tall order as KU takes on TCU

Mark Mangino getting fired has an effect on your typing speed? That's a little weird. You might want to talk to someone about that.

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