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FINAL: Kings of the Big 12! KU takes conference title with 72-64 victory over KSU

Great coaching Frank... Scream and berate your best player with under 3 to go... just great...worth a million $...NOT!!!!!!

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FINAL: Kings of the Big 12! KU takes conference title with 72-64 victory over KSU

I heard 810AM got 11K signatures to get rid of Musberger and Knight... the lateness of the game last night comment made me sign as well. Hey KSU, win the Big12 and you get to play the earlier game. Can Mus and Knight be that dumb?

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FINAL: Defense pushes KU to 80-68 victory over No. 14 Texas


Your perspective is out of whack, there was nothing said about Texas record against us, it was about atmostphere, or a lack of it. Guess you had to be there a few times to experience it to understand.

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FINAL: Defense pushes KU to 80-68 victory over No. 14 Texas


Almost is the keyword there but you missed the point

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FINAL: Defense pushes KU to 80-68 victory over No. 14 Texas

Rivalry Week? Texas?? Has anyone been there? They don't know how to support hoops unless they are in a Final Four (i.e. 2003). Like OU, the fans sit on their hands and its a boring atmosphere. Give me OSU or Mizzou any day. If Bramledge is AFH-West, then Irwin Center is Watson Library South.

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FINAL: Clutch Collins helps sink KSU, 81-79, in overtime

I enjoyed all 45 min. in the HAWKTAGON! 26 of 27 at AFH-West is not a rivalry folks...

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KU coach Self: Temple toughest test yet

For those who love stats like I do, here's a good "Head-to-Head" for today's game against the Owls. I would love it if J-W could do this before each game (hoops and gridiron). Enjoy:

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Wolverines coach awed by Allen

I too was there as always, It wasn't the loudest but wasn't dead either. Part of it was a very average Michigan team. Part of it could have been a long couple weeks of Finals as Markieff said in the post-game, but it definitely was a lack of emotion for most of the game. When they play with emotion and smarts, this team is deadly.

Here's my beef (and I'm sure its been said over and over)... Why bother going to the game if you are going to leave with 2-3 min. left? I realize we have some older fans that appreciate time to get out in front of the crowds but with 2 min. left at a time out, it looked like the game had just ended. I looked down and saw $75 printed clearly on my ticket and couldn't believe this is the same place that so many say is one of the toughest places to play. It reminded me of the student section after halftime of KU football games. There shouldn't be a need for incentives for people to stay the entire game, just stay in your seats until the band starts playing "Home on the Range." Most people probably don't know this is part of the tradition since they leave so darn early. For those that do, stay at home and give your tickets to people who appreciate the entire game. If we want the team to play hard for 40 min., shouldn't all 16,300 put in the same effort??? Let's see that missing emotion against Cal and stay the entire game!

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Mangino, Long set financially

C'mon guys, give Chuck a break. Look at some other papers and notice a trend...Chuck did provide info that you otherwise wouldn't have had (i.e. Long's deal at SDSU) and these features are supposed to come from the angle of one of us telling each other not some know-all, tell-all preacher...things have changed in what has become one of the toughest businesses on the planet (newspapers). The LJW does give you one thing you otherwise wouldn't have, a place to write your own drivel that in the cases above was a waste of space and everyone's time to read...touche', right Chuck?

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Harbaugh pulls a Mangino (and Butch Jones news)

Three interesting observations and Two Cents:

1) These comments are far better the blog itself
2) There is no clear favorite amongst the masses (Harbaugh & Holtz getting most of the ink here)
3) When Mangino was announced, many of us cringed at the hire. Then he started to recruit well and 2007 was a blast. But we once again cringed in 2009. Bottom line, stick to your first instinct...its right in the end.

Get the best guy that can recruit Texas, maybe Florida and California too (does anyone rember Kerwin Bell and Frank Seurer?) Also, Ohio (i.e. Mike Norseth). I disagree with anyone that says we can't compete for a Texas recruit....look at our facilities and how early they will play, KU is very attractive thanks to some awesome donors out there.

Then hire the best assistants possible and pay them to stay. Cromwell (I fondly remeber the OU game where he ran wild in Norman and we smoked them) would be a great highly paid assistant but not KU's HC.

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