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Ex-USC coach unknown

If you don't have critics, you don't have readers... At least he's not like some current and former KC "journalists" who work harder at trying to be controversial or push rumors than work hard to uncover and report facts. One of those has started a rumor that one KU Asst. coach might be gone for being part of a reason why KU has missed on some BC recruits leaving the cupboard a bit bare now... If there are facts to report on this, I would like Keegan to do his job and give us that info (just the facts, no rumors please). Merry Christmas and JITRFTS

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Are you happy with the hiring of Charlie Weis as KU's next football coach?

He can coach, get good assistants, can recruite and runs a pro style offense that players who can play on Sunday, want to play in on Saturday... so they are ready come draft day. Winner + Chicken Diner (literally)!!

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KU search may look for current head coach

Read my comment below... KU absolutely HAS TO have a winning Football Program!!! I love hoops but getting pushed out of a BSC conference because KU brings nothing to the football table, is not an option!

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KU search may look for current head coach

Why not Chris Peterson... Did anyone see that is less than happy to put forth all that effort only to be snubbed again because of a couple missed Kicks the past 2 years. If the guy can get it done in the middle of nowhere, then why not at a BCS School where he can make a differrence rather than an asterisk every year? Another thing to think about, this "conference realignment" issue is not over.. KU has to build its Football program into a winner or else (no matter how much of a hoops school we are). And, our facilities are on par with other Football schools. I'm not Dane Anderson but I gave my money to make this happen, hope it was spent wisely. Screw Tom Luganbil (ESPN) who said our facilities are outdated and KU is not a good place to coach.

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Sheahon Zenger's challenge: Find money to make coaching change

Today was pathetic, but it has been that way since Lew left and Mangino was done, Gill is good for anyone but KU. There was one coach that had his players prepared and then the opposite. If you can't recruit to fill obvious weaknesses then can't scheme, you shouldn't be a D1 coach let alone at KU where there isn't a long tradition but facilities equal of Penn St., FSU, Tx A&M, others... its not right, just not right!!

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Purple people beaters: Cinderella (kind of) Butler dashes K-State’s Final 4 dreams

The best two teams are now gone which is a shame. The NCAA is so money hungry, it should invite Kansas and Kentucky to play each other the afternoon before the final game like they used to play the runner-up game. I think a lot of people would like to see that match up more than the two that will eventually play.

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It’s time to back the ’Cats

I just assume KSU goes elsewhere when the supposed Power Conferences take over, however that works out. I like the fierce competition and rivalry with Misery, but K-State is just a few steps down and sucks the resources of our state and conference dry. IMHO. And, I had a similar experience as KUDRUMS where when we lost in 1986 to Duke and again in 2003, it was like KSU won a national championship when they didn't even have any skin in the game whatsoever. They deserve being 0-2 in the last 22 years in the Elite 8 and zero for forever in the Final Four. BTW, I was in Pontiac, MI in '88 when we kept them from going to their only FF in more years than I can count...and I yelled at the top of my lungs for both reasons...

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Purple people beaters: Cinderella (kind of) Butler dashes K-State’s Final 4 dreams

I heard twice this week on sports radio that Frank Martin said something about carrying on and extending the basketball tradition at K-State. Was this the school in Manhattan he was talking about? Yes, they have had spurts where hoops were good but c'mon... Wichita State also had a few good years but I wouldn't say it has hoops tradition. 2 Elite 8's in 22 Years does not constitute "extending" a tradition. Its like saying KU has such tradition of bowl game appearances. Is Franky dillusional?

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

KU08: I said passed UNC (as part of thigs that went well this year) which is true but you are right in your later post about getting to Lawrence and welcoming the team.

James 122: You've got to be bleepin kidding me. At your request, I went back and looked at that drivel...pathetic but that's your opinion, not the majority, thank God!

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

I enjoyed the season (not the end), lots to be proud of: Taking over #2 in All Time Wins...6th Straight Big 12 Championship...Beating K-State 3 times in a row and MU by an avg of 22 pts...Sr. Night with Sherron... I could go on. I hope the early exit will get the returning players focused for next year, and that it started when Mario Little decided to get up off the ground. Final word: Rock Chalk!!!

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