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New KU Athletic Director Travis Goff's salary lowest among Big 12 ADs

After hearing Hocutt handling Chris Beard leaving, would have never thought he made that much.

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NBA analyst, former Jayhawk Paul Pierce fired from ESPN after racy video

Wow. “Racy”!!!! 🤦‍♂️

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Prep point guard from North Carolina commits to Kansas

The Tristen comments are classic, just a few articles now. I expect more departures to bring in more big fish.

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Kansas baseball rallies late for 10-9 win over Missouri

Mizzou going to Mizzou!

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KU softball posts 1-3 clip during opening weekend of 2021 season

Same ol, same ol!

The headscratching hire by Long.

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Kansas volleyball's Top 10 recruiting class has coach Ray Bechard eyeing bounce-back season

Wow. I had no idea. One thing about Bechard is he has had success, bump in road, then got successful again. Hopefully these players gel quickly.

The ones who transferred to A&M is understandable. They were recruited by an outstanding recruiter in Kuhn, she likely was reason they came to KU. The relationship lasting makes sense. Transfers happen today in all sports, pretty much at every school. Talent is babied throughout careers(and kids now play year round) and it just is what it is. The NCAA has not helped this either. I do not feel someone should be trapped somewhere they don't want to be, but they shouldn't be able to bolt just "because". There has to be a happy-medium of sorts. What is it? I have no clue!

Excited to see how this works out!

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Christian Braun the latest Kansan to make a name for himself in the Sunflower Showdown

Dean Wade beat KU what once in 4 years?

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KU women's basketball defeats Oklahoma in rematch with 83-80 win

Nothing better than beating Sherri Coale. OU fans can't stand her either!

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KU women's basketball falls to Texas Tech on the road

Give the college stats of those "two very good players".

A D2 girl who waited for Kansas offer is now leading scoring in MIAA...and she is 1-0 against the Jayhawks...

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RBs coach Tony Hull leaving KU football

Saved money on buyouts was what was said about Bowen and Hull...

Looks like that was likely spot on.

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