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New AD Jeff Long in early stages of assessing long-struggling KU football program

Didn't he say Beatty was on vacation but had offered to come home early? I guess he has talked to him.

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Report: Feds seeking more information regarding KU forward Silvio De Sousa

I suspect Self is only worried about NCAA clearance to play. The FBI can't make anyone forfeit games. My worry is that the NCAA won't have the guts to give him clearance without waiting for the final FBI report (which could be complete in four or five years!) As for Pitino, he was in pretty deep. Adidas contracted directly with Pitino, not with the school. Makes one wonder what kind of personal bonus he got for that.

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Jeff Long hired as KU's new athletic director

If I remember correctly, it was the Arkansas fans who thought they would be able to steal Self away from us several years ago when they got rid of their basketball coach. I think Kevin must be right about their "unreal expectation."

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No shortage of bodies at O-line for Kansas in 2018

Too many injuries, they said. I don't believe they said who was injured.

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Kansas Athletics largely exempt from KU budget cuts; other details about budget murky

This article seems determined to make the Athletic Dept sound guilty of something whether they are or not. Maybe they should concentrate on what the department brings in rather than on what they spend.

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Azubuike begins pre-draft tour in Los Angeles

As I understand it, players get advance assignments. Dok is probably already done for the year.

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Tom Keegan: 11 players remain from David Beaty's first Kansas recruiting class

I never thought he had a choice in whether Bowen was retained. The chancellor and AD had been bombarded by alums, former players and other fans wanting Bowen to be head coach. Didn't they originally settle on a co-coach plan? At any rate, I was convinced it was a condition for the job.

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Chancellor sees no need for independent investigation of KU Athletics in wake of indictment

I don't understand what you're saying, David. How could being a victim suggest adverse consequences?

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De Sousa guardian has had long relationship with KU freshman and his family

I read, in the Jason King article I think, that the Florida couple are indeed Dok's guardians, and that he calls them Mom and Dad.

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Employee of apparel company illegally paid 2 KU basketball players' guardians, federal indictment alleges

Didn't Arizona take the hit from players leaving because the coach was accused of phone calls fishing for $40,000 for a player? It wasn't just because of bad publicity.

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