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FBI investigative file includes KU documents; athletic department says investigators have not contacted KU

To me the FBI response sounds like the form letter they probably always send out when someone asks them for information. It didn't seem to have any specifics in it at all.

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Cyclones blow away Jayhawks in football attendance this decade

While that's true, it seems they wholly support their teams even when they're losing. That's something I wish we did at KU. It's a lot harder, I realize, but probably way more important to a struggling team.

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Some hope for Daylon Charlot's future with Kansas

I wouldn't put too much faith in what Saban had to say after his departure. It's easy for a coach to say he wanted him to stay when he knows the guy is gone. You notice he didn't play him when he was there. If he's loafing in practice now, he'll be on the bench until he puts out the energy the coaches want from him. I was disappointed, too, but it sounds like he's getting in the groove.

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Notebook: Lil Yachty performs at Late Night; Graham enjoys skits

Self said the program ran long, so I'm guessing ESPN had allotted a certain amount of time, and when it had expired the coverage was over. I'm not sure Zenger is responsible for that, but he is responsible for the TimeWarner contract which I always blame for everything.

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Wynton Marsalis' Lincoln Center jazz orchestra to compose new music celebrating KU basketball

They seem to have chosen players to represent different time periods. Wiggins is as good as anyone else from that group, unless you are criticizing the use of a one and done. Most really good ones at that time were one and done. I might have gone for Mason instead, but he was later.

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Joe Dineen relishes chance to meet Orange Bowl team, 'standard' of KU football

He's one of the players whose picture is on the outside of the stadium.

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David Beaty says KU has a starting QB, but claims nothing is cemented

I agree, Brock. I always figure there is a world of difference between what the coach tells his players and what he releases to the press.

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System for awarding KU basketball, football seats changing in effort to boost donations

As I recall, the stadium seat thing is a result of the gun laws. You can't bring much of anything in, including a purse. And I don't believe KU pays for all the Adidas stuff--they pay KU.

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System for awarding KU basketball, football seats changing in effort to boost donations

Most of the preseasons games are with NCAA tournament teams, although not big names. I think you have to consider how many "known" opponents refuse to play us in Allen or demand home and home games. That creates a scheduling nightmare and the reason they end up scheduling the best teams they can get. Now that we play all Big12 teams twice, the options become even more difficult. Nobody likes price increases, but that figure of $87,000 paid per scholarship student is impressive. With football the goal can be to increase attendance. With basketball, attendance is already at maximum so the only choice is to increase the charge per ticket. I don't like it either, but I don't go to games to watch the other team. And while close, tense games are exciting, I also love a good blow-out when you get to see the Hawks having so much success and fun.

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Server accuses KU's Dedric Lawson of skipping out on bar tab; eatery's manager issues statement supporting KU forward

Looks to me like the rest of the party tried to stick him with the whole bill.

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