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Reseeding and Vegas odds reveal wide open NCAA Tournament

Kansas does indeed have as many teams in the Sweet Sixteen as the ACC, and how many teams did they have in the tournament? 10, I believe. We only had 7 and still tied them. I don't think 4 out of 10 is a compelling argument for their superiority when compared to 4 out of seven.

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Top-seeded Kansas to face No. 5 seed Clemson Friday night in Omaha

I love it that 4 of the 7 Big12 teams have made it this far. If the committee had picked OSU instead of OU there would likely be 5 of 7.

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Penn makes it tough on 3-point shooters

I looked up their schedule, but I know so little about the other teams I still didn't know how hard the games were. Mostly Ivy League, but some outside. Mostly mid-majors, I think.

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KU senior Devonte' Graham one of four finalists for Naismith Trophy

He's more than just a bunch of good stats. He's the one who directs traffic and the engine that makes everyone go.

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Jayhawks eyeing relaxed but aggressive approach to NCAA Tournament

I love it when Devonte makes a three and turns and skips toward the other end of the floor.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas up to challenge of playing in toughest region

Last night following the "announcing of the teams" show, the analysts went through all the brackets and declared the Midwest to be way the most difficult. So it wasn't just Tom.

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A peek inside of KU basketball practice before the start of Big 12 tourney

Yes, that's what he will miss. They hope he will be well enough to play in the NCAA tournament.

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Tom Keegan: Will seven be enough for Kansas in the NCAA tournament?

The importance of the tournament depends on how important it is to you to earn a #1 seed. I don't think we'll get one without winning the tournament.

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Bill Self ranked fourth in salary in college basketball

Do Self and Izzo actually make exactly the same salary or is that a typo? Of all the possible amounts it seems a striking coincidence that they would be the same right to the dollar.

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Udoka Azubuike playing with more energy, 'oomph' as Jayhawks head into March

I'm not sure when his birthday is, but it is my understanding that he was 16 when he first got to Kansas. He could have had a birthday right after that.

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