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Game day breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball vs. Washington

I'm glad to see their Center is 6-11. In one of the other stories I read it said he was 7-11. I knew it had to be a typo, but it nice to have that confirmed.

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Boeheim says Graham's monster effort, not poor Syracuse defense, the reason for KU's victory

Very astute comment: "It would have been a close game if we had shot better." Wow.

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Freshman forward Billy Preston not in Miami with second-ranked Jayhawks

Maybe she thought he needed a shoulder to cry on and a little TLC. He's just a kid far from home. She knew he wasn't playing so why not come to see him even if a game was scheduled. I have no idea what her life is like. Maybe this was the only time she could come.

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Jayhawks remain 'hopeful' Billy Preston will rejoin the KU lineup

Do we know that the NCAA is involved, or are you assuming that? So far as I've heard, it's still with the KU compliance committee. Did I miss something?

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Getting to know: Texas Southern basketball

Probably the same way we do. One man only has a chance at the balls that come off the rim in his direction. If Dok is too far away he can't go for it without fouling which is why Self wants the guards to be seriously involved in rebounding.

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KMCI-TV reaches deal with Spectrum Sports to simulcast early-season KU basketball games

Do you get Ch 22 on Cox Cable? That's the channel in Wichita that carries all KU games that aren't on networks. It could be just a local thing, I guess.

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Devonte' Graham tops ratings in season-opener

Radio announcers said Newman didn't get the start based on practice. Probably based on defense, but they didn't say that.

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Assistant football coach offices equipped with revolving doors at Kansas

Zenger has done a lot of facility development--Rock Chalk Park, refurbished Allen FH, baseball field, and the ongoing football stadium. Most of the sports have done well. Basketball, track and volley ball especially. Football is the only thing that has really had a bad showing. I don't know if the decision makers will think that's enough to condemn him.

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Kansas WR Steven Sims channels frustrations into career day

I thought Meachum(?) made the choice.

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A look behind the curtain of KU's 2008 national title win from 5 players who were there

Great article that brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks.

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