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David Beaty: Decision to remain KU football coach for final 3 games 'very, very easy'

As a freshman in 2013 I made a promise to attend the next KU bowl game no matter the distance. Anyone else have this kind of commitment? I honestly(and foolishly) thought it wouldn’t be this long.

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Five-star guard Quentin Grimes calls feeling of signing with KU indescribable

Love how this class is taking shape, just wish all the fans would be equally supportive to ride out the rough decade of football. All they do is complain. Show continued support and recruits will notice. Eventually it has to turn around. That is all.

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Jayhawks to wear Civil War-themed alternate uniforms Saturday vs. Baylor

It can happen if everyone mans up and renews the rivalry

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Rivalry renewed: Jayhawks prevail vs. Mizzou in charity exhibition

We need the border war back end of story.

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TCU coach Gary Patterson best rebounder in college football

David Beaty is not Gary Patterson but almost every other coach isn't either. With that being said, I've always wanted to keep my hopes up with Beaty but that is getting harder and harder to do with his constant fabricated upbeat outlook on the program or the game where KU just got stomped. He needs to make a move with Bowen or I'm out on Beaty. If he does make a move then I think we need to give Beaty another full year before we make a decision on his future. It's time for some accountability with Bowen. Oh and the whole hiding injuries of players and who is going to start at QB each game is such a joke and embarrassment if we need those kind of "advantages" going into a game.

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How KU's offense moves on from Iowa State dud

I appreciate you going to the games. I was there from 2013-2015 for undergrad and attended every game with teams equally as bad. I love KU football and it woud make it so much easier for recruiting if the rest of the students showed up through thick and thin. Hopefully this changes one day in the future.

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Five reasons to get excited about Sunday's Border War revival

I transferred to mizzou for grad school (ya i know some may call me a traitor but life goes on after undergrad) and the student tickets sold out in 5 minutes. Most are just students turning around selling them to other students for quadruple the price, such a joke. I had a test during the ticket window unfortunately and wasn't able to get a ticket.

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Jacob Bragg biggest No. 1 in Kansas football history

one of those stats that means nothing....

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Tom Keegan: Football transfers need more than talent to succeed

I think we need to be realistic with the fact that the #12 ranking was never gonna hold. If we can remain in top 50-70 I would be fine. Our previous seasons aren't anything to help recruiting. It's up to our current players to reverse the trend and brighten our future.

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Receiver LaQuvionte Gonzalez dismissed from KU football program

I no longer go there but I have buddies that witnessed it. Off the top of my head, one was at a pool party at the HERE residential apartments. Apparently they reported it to athletics department but there wasn't anyway to investigate it due to lack of surveillance. This was over two months ago and wouldn't have been why he got kicked off though. Just shows it's been an ongoing problem.

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