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'It's just not normal': Jayhawks slip at Allen Fieldhouse again, lose to Texas Tech

This is the worst KU team I've seen since I was in school in the 1980s (pre-Larry Brown). Unless something turns around in a big hurry, the Jayhawks aren't going to win the conference this season. They'll still win enough games to make the NCAA Tournament, but I wouldn't be surprised if they went 1-and-done

There is no depth on the team, they are too small, they don't rebound and they are a below average defensive team.

I was worried about this team as soon as Preston got suspended, but I still wasn't expecting them to lose 2 games at AFH this season, let alone by early January.

On the bright side, the lowered expectations means it will really be a nice surprise if they do manage to somehow turn this around to become a good team by the time March rolls around. And my heart won't be broken like it usually is if they fail to make the Final Four.

I'm still going to watch and cheer for the 'Hawks, but I'm not going to get my hopes up about how this season will play out

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KU's Bill Self enjoying Joel Embiid's rise to stardom

I don't remember Joel having this persoanlity while he was at KU. He seemed pretty quiet.

Also, those stats are wrong. Christmas Day was his 25th game of the seson: He is averaging 23.8 PPG, 11.1 RPG and 2.0 BPG.

I'm not sure where the reporter got his numbers, because prior to Monday, Joel had put up 23.7/10.9/1.96 through his 24 games this season -- not 21.7/9.2/2.2

Joel is having problems with his back, which has led to him sitting out 3 of the last five and 5 of the last 9 games. Even though he has returned to play the last two contests, he isn't moving that wel. If his career is cut short, which hopefully it won't be, I'd bet it would be the back issues that end up being the culprit, not anything with his feet.

As a lifelong 76ers' fan and a KU alum, I'm loving Joel being on my hometown team. He does need to cut way down on his turnovers though. Sometimes he acts like he thinks he's a PG, not a C. He is turning the ball over 4+ times per game, which is way too much. Ben Simmons is also turning it over 4+ times per game. The team in general is just really careless i with the ball and that's cost them at least a couple of wins.

NBA All-Star voting has opened, if anyone's interested in going onto and voting for him. He deserves to make the All-Star Game this season

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Frank Mason III joins ESPN broadcast to discuss all things Jayhawks

You can watch the Kings play on NBA League Pass. I have the online version and it costs me $30/month to watch every game that is on LP on any night. You can also sign up for a version where you only get the games of your favorite team. I think that costs like $10/month? Not sure, but you can go on and chack it out.

I've seen at least part of every Kings' game since Frank started getting steady PT

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Head-to-head: Embiid's 76ers beat Wiggins' T'wolves; Mason's Kings top Jackson's Suns

Josh Jackson is having an awful rookie season. I've heard so many broadcasters and experts talk about how he isn't ready to play in the NBA. I know projected high lottery picks never pass up the $$$ to return to scholl, but he really could've used another season at KU.

Mason, on the other hand, has had little trouble adapting to the NBA, even though he's not shooting great, in part because he's finding it much harder to finish around the rim in the NBA than it was in college. But he rarely gets rattled, he runs the Kings' offense very well and he seems to have a positive impact in pretty much every game.

Embiid is awesome. And so much fun to watch. It's nice to see an NBA player who actually loves to play basketball. There are too many players who treat it as a way to make money and don't really seem to enjoy playing all that much. Joel does need to cut down on his turnovers and calm down a bit on defense (he picks up some silly fouls trying to make plays on shots he has no chance of blocking, for example). But if he can stay healthy, he will be a Top 10 player in the NBA sooner rather than later.

T-Wolves' fans seem a bit disenchanted with Andrew. His defense has improved a little bit, but his offensive numbers have dropped way off and he still plays too passively. The fans talk about how he's not really buying into Thibs' system and that he's just putting up empty stats. It'll be interesting to see if Minnesota tries to move him in the offseaon, although that huge extension might scare other teams away. Andrew has so much natural talent. It's disappointing that he hasn't become more of an all-around player...he's still basically just a high volume scorer.

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More Frank Mason III could be prescription for Sacramento success

Frank had another solid game tonight as Sacramento came back to beat New Orleans in OT: 12 points, 5 boards, 3 assists and +18 (6 of his 12 pts came in overtime).

Best of all, he played the entire 4th quarter and all of overtime :) The Kings paired Frank with De'Aaron Fox for the last 8:58 of the game, and in that 8:58 Sacramento went from being down by 9 points to winning by 7.

So based on that, maybe Joerger will pair the two rookies together more.

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Second-rounder Frank Mason III earning spot in Kings' rotation

I've been watching a lot of Kings' games on my online NBA League Pass. Frank didn't have a good game last night, but overall, he's been playing well of late. It's clear the head coach trusts him.

Sacramento's 2nd unit, with Mason, Bogdanovic, Hield, Cauley-Stein and whoever (usually Koufos or Temple) has been outplaying the Kings' starters on a consistent basis. And Frank is a big reason for that.

I did a ranking point guards taken in the 2017 Draft the ohter day, using a point system that graded them on a bunch of different statistical categories for this season. Using that system, Donovan Mitchell was the only one who graded out better overall than Frank did. Now 20 games is a small sample size, but I think it shows that, at the very least, that Frank ican match up with all those other guys in terms of being a legit NBA player

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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

While I feel bad wanting someone to lose his job, this is still the wrong decision. The team actually regressed this season. And that's hard to do when it only won 2 games in the previous year.

There are lots of head coaches having success with mid-major programs. Why not at least take a run at one of them, insttead of immediately deciding to stay with a guy who hasn't shown he can be a good head coach? Why the rush to make this decision?

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Multi-skilled Joel Embiid cooks Lakers for 46 points on career night

Who stayed up last night to see Frank Mason III outplay both Lonzo Ball on De'Aaron Fox on national tv last night?

Looks like the Sacramento head coach has finally realized Frank deserves minutes -- he's played really well in the last few games and last night he was easily the best rookie PG on the floor

So happy for Frank. Hopefully he continues to get minutes.


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Multi-skilled Joel Embiid cooks Lakers for 46 points on career night

As a huge 76ers' fan, all I can say is "watch out NBA" if Joel and Ben stay healthy. They are already one of the top duos in the NBA. Joel has been awesome all season, and it's great to see the Sixers lifted the minutes restriction. The next step is for the team to let him play in back-to-back contests...hopefully that will happen at some point this season.

It was awesome that the Lkers' game was on ESPN, because it let the rest of the country see why KU fans and Sixers' fans have been raving about him

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Multi-skilled Joel Embiid cooks Lakers for 46 points on career night

Actually he's in his 4th season out of KU. He sat out his first 2 years and then played a little bit last year before getting hurt.

But in terms of actually seeing game action, he's a 2nd year NBA player

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