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KU ace Duncan proves value

"Hard hitting Texas A&M team.."? Guess so.

Duncan got shelled today...7 runs on 10 hits in 5 2/3 innings in a 10-4 loss. Nice KU rally in the 9th, but too little, too late.

One redeeming feature: We get another shot at Mizzou Thursday if Texas beats 'em tonight.

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Once he gets to KU (assuming he qualifies), Anrio needs to work on staying out of foul trouble. It kept him on the bench for a good chunk of the state title game, the semifinal, and a mid-season game against Long Beach Poly that was supposed to be a showcase for his talents. Long-term he may be more effective as a sub, instead of carrying the load by himself like he did much of this year.

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How former Jayhawks fared (May 16)

Sucks that Mario missed that last shot to tie it up. Even with a hand in his face, we've seen him make that clutch trey before.

Funny thing is, even though he's the best 3-point shooter on the team, the coach is getting, um, heat from the media and fans for not getting the ball to James or Wade.

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Thomas Robinson declares for NBA Draft

This was the day that I was dreading, and looking forward to, at the same time.

As a Jayhawk fan, I selfishly wanted to keep T-Rob at KU one more year for another run at the title.

As a human being, I know that providing for your family trumps all, or as Thomas puts it, F.O.E.

Thanks, Thomas. God bless, and fare well.

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Evan Manning to join KU as walk-on

Not 'til they name one after World B. Free...

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A Self-ish team: KU coach proud of, thankful for maximum-effort squad

Don't know if I like the comparison of Anrio Adams to Tony Wroten. Wroten struck me as an immensely talented but very selfish player.

I heard that when he announced his intention to go pro yesterday, Wroten didn't even mention his coach or his teammates, let alone thank them.

Hope Anrio shows a lot more class and maturity than that.

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Kansas underdog … on paper


1988 - a leap year.

1988 - KU goes up against a heavily favored opponent in the final. The Jayhawks are given little to no chance to win by most of the national media.

1988 - Danny Manning's last game before leaving for greener pastures.

1988 - KU is led by the Naismith national Coach Of The Year.

1988 - Peter Frampton and Spandau Ballet haven't had a hit in a while.

1988 - Unheralded players come off the bench to make big plays for KU.

In his book "A Season Inside," John Feinstein would write:

"It had fallen into place for the Jayhawks. But their victory had little to do with luck. It had to do with grit and perseverance and an extraordinary coaching job..."

"They had suffered together, living through all the near-misses and the key injuries, wondering often if there was such a thing as a happy ending and holding each other as if the other were a life raft when it seemed so often that their epitaph would be, 'If Only...'"

"Now, there would be no epitaph, just a legacy - and a happy ending."

We...Can...Do...This !!!


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A banner day: Jayhawks excited for Danny Manning, Barry Hinson

Thanks for the Hudy love AZ !

Nice to know that even though the a good chunk of the Douglas County coaching fraternity is off for greener pastures (and deservedly so), we'll still have the Secret Weapon.

Hope Danny or Barry doesn't steal her away.

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Elijah Johnson enjoying ‘red-carpet’ treatment

Looking forward to more of the same from EJ this weekend and next year.

As Ol' Blue Eyes put it, The Best Is Yet To Come...

By the way, CBS has been showing Mario's 3-pointer a lot. You just have to look fast.

It's part of the montage they've been using for the "March Madness" opening of the broadcast that includes other memorable tournament moments, like Laettner's turn-around shot and Jordan's game winner. The montage ends with Mario raising his arms in triumph.

I could go for a repeat of that outcome. (Minus the cardiac finish, of course.)

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’Mates respect Tyshawn Taylor

This story, and Jaybate's post, made me finally "get it" about TT.

Until recently I couldn't figure out why Tyshawn was so wildly mercurial on and off the court. But the picture of him as a creative artist makes perfect sense.

Through the years I've known a lot of people in the performing arts whose attitudes and emotions are a mirror image of TT's. And unlike most of them, he stands to profit financially from his talents.

Besides my hopes for a successful Final Four, I hope he doesn't waste his God-given talents in the future (the Association and beyond).

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