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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

I'd be interested to know how many other college teams have a head coach that also operates as offensive coordinator. Seems pretty uncommon, and when things are uncommon, there's usually a reason. While Charlie has shown some maturation since the "decided schematic advantage" days, his insistence on remaining the head coach and offensive coordinator seems to suggest a pride or ego issue that remains as a hurdle to this program.

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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

At what point does Weis need to admit that, despite his efforts with the offense, he needs some help? I don't doubt that Weis is giving it his all. But part of taking responsibility is admitting when you don't have the answers, and finding someone who does.

Weis took Dayne Crist, who was good enough that he competed for an NFL job, and coached him into the bottom of the QBR ratings. He's doing the same to former 5 star Jake Heaps. He's got a stable of running backs who everyone thought was among the best in the conference, and he's failed to put them in a position for success.


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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football

Dayne Crist actually competed for a job at the next level. This would suggest he has the necessary skill set to be a Big12 quarterback (or at least a KU quarterback), and that the cause of his failure at KU was, at least substantially, owing to (i) coaching, and/or (ii) the lack of skilled players around him.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

"We just coming in, trying to put KU back where it should be,” Combs said during fall camp. “Like that Orange Bowl feeling. We want to be the reason why this program came from here all the way to the top. And I think it’s the perfect year to do it.” (

"When the going gets tough, the Combs gets gone."

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KU's big men battle for No. 2 spot behind Ben McLemore

Big 12/Postseason includes conference regular season and postseason.

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Jayhawks: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate’

Dear Bruce,

Get used to what you're feeling.

Yours truly,


P.S. Stay classy.

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Charlie Weis goes wild over Ben McLemore 3; Bill Self compared to Vince Lombardi by unlikely source

Did Releford get away with an illegal screen on that play?

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Tharpe shooter: Self, Jayhawks counting on sophomore guard for offense

I bet the ladies love Naadir! (Nice pic, Nick!)

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