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Jacks’ big run ‘pretty cool’

Apples:Oranges. (At least the way I read it.) Bangkok is talking about 1 play, albeit one REALLY poor play by our D. That is different than the 124 yards Pierson gained on 20 carries.

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FINAL: Taylor's free throws, Robinson's block give KU thrilling 87-86 OT win over Missouri

It was bound to happen. It's nice to be on the beneficial end of some questionable calls for once.

-Don't phuck with the phog!!

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Jayhawks 'believe in Turner Gill'

That we are not a good team. That there is a host of issues with the team. Coaches, players, everyone. I don't disagree that the coaching is a problem, but it is not the only problem.

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Jayhawks 'believe in Turner Gill'

Better "talent" does not translate into beating teams with "less talent". (See Miami Heat, Philadelphia Eagles, etc...)

Then again, I suppose Eric Spolstra and Andy Reid are to blame for all of those problems

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Jayhawks 'believe in Turner Gill'

You addressed the issues all by yourself.
"Good teams make plays, good coaches fix mistakes"
No one ever accused this team of being good by any stretch of the imagination. I think we were better than we played, and it was a disappointing season for sure, but not a good team at all. And good coaches do fix mistakes, like terrible play calling, bad personnel decisions, things of that nature. But like I said, despite how many ways a coach wants to discipline or condone a player for making mistakes, the player is still the one on the field that has to execute. If he doesn't, what is the coach supposed to do? Put someone else in? How many players do you think we have? The bottom line is the team quit on the coach. You can't coach players that don't want to compete. Like I said, I think a coaching change is neccesary because of this, and I don't think TG is ready for BIG XII football. But I refuse to blame coaches for the inability of the players to not make mistakes.

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Jayhawks 'believe in Turner Gill'

Give him the whole thing or don't bring him back at all. I have been at the front of the line voicing my displeasure with the coaching this year, but I also think two years is not enough time. Whatever the decision is, I think it has to be one made with ferver and confidence. Either say, you have one more year to show this program is moving in the right direction, or start over (again) right now. I think firing a coach mid season is the WORST thing a program can do barring some legal or other major problem.

In response to cmill, I disagree with you saying this is 100% on the coaching. At times, okay all too often, the play-calling has been suspect at best (see pass plays 4th quarter vs Baylor), but to say that a player jumping offsides or false starting is all on coaching is absurd. That is on a player making a bonehead mistake. Players at the highest level under the best coaches do it week in and week out. Time in and time out, the players quit on their coach and team this year, which is the only reason I could see TG not returning next year. The teams lack of performance on "big plays" is on the players, the coach, like a parent, can only instruct and ask so much. At some point, the players have to go out and do what has been asked of them, and perform to their best ability, and that wasnt the case this year.

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: J.R. Giddens on leaving KU

I am in awe at all of the backlash for the writing/releasing of this portion of the book. In this age of media being used as an outlet to spin different situations, and the widespread problems going on nationwide in the NCAA, complete transparency is a good think IMO. Sure, the immediate response can be a fear that JR getting the boot could cast a shadow on KU, but in the long term, I think it is a good thing. It shows that as a university, KU will give you ample opportunity to learn from mistakes (see previously mentioned wally world incident and any number of other player incidents in past years). However, if you become a repeat offender or "cancer" to the team or university, you are gone.

As it has been stated multiple times during this discussion, there are certainly multiple sides to every story. All indications are that JR was the instigator in the stabbing incident. Regardless, he had no business putting himself in the situation to begin with.

JR will, in my mind, always be one of the biggest busts in the history of Jayhawk basketball. He came in with loads of potential and even more room for growth, but squandered it away by not being a team player in so many ways. This excerpt just reaffirms my beliefs that we were better off without him. I'll use the same line I had following his departure from the program. Good riddens to Giddens. Thanks for nothing, except for making us realize the kind of self-centered waste of talent you were/are.

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Legends of the Phog exhibition to be televised on Metro Sports


This exhibition is a tribute to the level of talent and characters that the Jayhawks put on the court year in and year out. It should serve as a great show for the fans, a recruiting tool, and most importantly a charitable event.

Any update on the chances of this being webcast or shown anywhere else, or are us Directv subscribers just S.O.L.?

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Josh Selby nets nine-game suspension

Do the first 3 games already missed count?

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Hostile K-State awaits NU

As much as it pains me to say it, go cats! I will take a Big XII(-2) school any day of the week over someone jumping ship. This is a great chance for our conference to show that we will survive and thrive without the likes of NU and CU. Come on KSU, make the state, and the conference proud! (Did I just say that?)

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