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Bill Self’s squad ready to go

I am rip roaring ready to go. Oct. 29th cannot get here soon enough.

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Missouri adds ex-Jayhawk Tania Jackson

Are her parents aware of this decision?

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Kansas at Oklahoma State to be on ESPN's College GameDay

Was at Stillwater game back in '08...where Rush had worst game of his life...and we lost...that season ended pretty well though. What I remember was kids with large OSU flags running around the concourses when something good happened for them...then there was this wonderful brave Jayhawk fan, with a little KU flag about the size of a box of kleenex and he would skip behind the OSU flagbearers mocking them. That is part of the beautiful pageantry you get by going to live games in college basketball. Good times...bad game....great end of 08 season.

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McLemore a big hit at Chalmers’ all-star game

Spalding isn't the new Nike. Go Mario, go.

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Newest King has new digits

WIggens will be #1 pick next year undoubtedly...even if Charlotte wins the one could pass up on that talent in their right mind.

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Brennan Bechard promoted to KU director of basketball operations

hmmm...I was thinking bigger names for some reason.

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Heat exercising option on former KU guard Mario Chalmers

Between the contract renewal and his endorsement deal with Spalding, Chalmers is getting along very well.

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Blog from New York: KU fans wait hours in line to get Ben McLemore's autograph at Times Square

nice color selection Ben. Way to represent. Speaking of representation....nevermind, I think you have had your fill on that one. God bless.

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New KU TV deals may limit handful of hoops games

grrrr...I live in Denver and have Century Link...which does not give access to ESPN3. And I plan my evenings around all Kansas basketball games. Any other Colorado Jayhawks out there, please join me in contacting Century Link this week and voicing our displeasure over not having access to ESPN3.

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

Get a slingbox people...hook it up to whichever of your friends TV's that get the games and watch his TV through your laptop. No monthly fees....problem solved.

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