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KU's Perry Ellis receives report from NBA committee, continues to consider pro options

Couple of things.

1. Perry is a junior, not a senior.

2. He's not going anywhere.

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Despite tumultuous season, Cliff Alexander remembers time at KU fondly

Like Cliff had any option to return. Its sad, because he could've been a monster for us!

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Jayhawks land commitment from former Florida tight end Kent Taylor

Rankings are made up by an objective group of guys who watch various camps, 7 on 7 tournaments, and evaluate film. There is also plenty of politicking that goes into it as well.

I hope coaches aren't using the recruiting rankings as their tool for offering. They should be evaluating prospects based on need, fit, and availability.

FTR, I doubt this kid does much of anything here. I'm starting to wonder if Charlie has dirt on these dudes or something, because why else would they be coming here?

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Opinion: James Sims should be remembered out of forgettable senior class

Low blow? This class, as a whole, was not very good. I couldn't name 1 guy other than James Sims. I think it's spot on. Not that it's their fault, they've been dealt a pretty crappy hand by having to play for Gill and Weis. But none of them will be remembered by KU fans for anything.

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Wake Forest respects, doesn’t fear KU

Thanks ljworld for turing this place into a ghost town.

With that said, Wake should fear KU. Wake is trash. KU should win by 20+

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Opinion: Zenger explains that TV deal good for KU

Wrong. This could've been done differently. Zenger could've gone about this differently than what he did. He took what seemed to be a great offer, and shoved it down our throats. It's truly sad that in "expanding our footprint," we handcuff what has always been here all along. Never, ever should we cater to a baseball recruit whose family lives in Hawaii, California, or Florida over the local family that has supported these programs for years. Zenger screwed the pooch on this one, and he screwed the fans as well.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes


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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Losing to teams like Rice, and barely getting by Lousiana Tech is the equivalent of a blow out. What do you take from those kinds of wins, besides the fact that KU football is broken?

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

16 games is plenty of sample size if you're looking for the things it takes to be successful. This team has more talent than 3 wins in the past 2 years. We don't play in the SEC. Come on now. Charlie is an offensive coach by trade. To say this offense has looked like garbage would be an insult to garbage. This team has no discipline and no leadership.

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