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Tyshawn Taylor recovers from second-half cramps in KU victory over Georgetown

I will give TT his props for playing 39 minutes of this game. He ruined it for me when we need a defensive stop at the end. A three pointer went up and TT headed down the court to the offensive end right after the shot was put up, they ended up getting the rebound and his man got a wide open 3 to cut it to 3 if I remember correctly. If defense has to be our strong point this season and a bucket is not what need at that point, why are you taking off down the court with 1 minute left when we don't even have the ball. That is the kind of stupid bonehead plays you get with TT that makes him very frustrating to watch. He does make some great plays, but if you have enough energy to take off down the court then you have enough energy to play some D!!

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Recruit Kaleb Tarczewski says picking Arizona over KU came down to 'gut feeling'

My fault then. I guess Sherron showing his junk to a chick in an elevator was very mature. I forgot about TT starting the fight with the football team and Bill Self taking away his Facebook account because he TT is smarter than the average bear. The Morris twins throwing a football player down the stairs shows them as being classy and everytime they made a good play in a game, turned to the opposing bench stared and talked crap showed excellent sportsmanship. Not only did Ben McLemore attend multiple schools but he was dismissed mid-season from Oak Hill.

I could care less if this happens in other places. This didn't used to happen at Kansas. When Jacque Vaughn, Ryan Robertson, Raef or just about everyone else that played before 2008 made a good play on the court they turned around to their OWN bench, encouraged and inspired others to want to be like them. I would spank my kids ass for the behavior I have seen out of these players in the last few years and I don't care if they were over 18.

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Recruit Kaleb Tarczewski says picking Arizona over KU came down to 'gut feeling'

Sorry, that should have said " stop looking at the coaches recruiting efforts and start looking at the players already here."

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Recruit Kaleb Tarczewski says picking Arizona over KU came down to 'gut feeling'

If you want to see why many of the top players havent't been choosing KU lately, stop looking at the coaches and start looking at the players already here. Unfortunately the players over the last couple years can't keep themselves out of trouble and lack maturity and discipline in the worst way. McLemore had issues before he even got here. TT has been a complete disaster. Selby was stuck on himself (major maturity issues). Sherron had no discipline whatsoever and multiple problems while he was here. At times last year I hated watching the Morris twins. They had major talent but also had major egos and maturity issues with their taunting every freaking game.

I love the jayhawks and will always be in their corner but if i'm a parent sitting on the outside, I may trying to get my kid to go somewhere else also. Parents want their child to have to get the best coaching, to have their talents and skills increased and to get best education (schooling) available. Kansas excels in each of these. The one place we lack lately is what might be most important to a parent. That would be education in life to become a responsible mature adult.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

Interesting that they thing Robinson is too short for the PF position. I thought he was a big 6'9" close to 6'10"? I really don't see him playing a small forward position in the NBA so not sure what gym Aran Smith is in.

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Finals set in All-Decade Team voting

Does anyone else think it's a little strange that jaybate is the one saying stop the meaningless and unnecessary content???

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KU's game vs. USC next year most likely to take place in Wichita

This may also be more about a future player and not Perry Ellis. Connor Frankamp at Wichita North is a sick player. He is a sophomore and if I remember correctly put up about 49 on Perry when they played this year. This kid is also being looked at by KU and has unlimited range.

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KU's game vs. USC next year most likely to take place in Wichita

This is all about not wanting to treat KU to a recruiting day in Los Angeles. There are some big recruits on KUs list in the LA area and USC doesn't want to get spanked at home and have those recruits wonder if they are at a home game for Kansas.

As far as the seating, yes some of the seating can be a little cramped, but in my opinion it's not anymore cramped than the seating in AFH.

For you LA fans, Allegiant offers cheap flights non-stop to Wichita from LAX. I have taken it many times. It leaves on Friday and returns on Monday about 1pm. I fly this route every month and at times last year, I was able to get flights round trip under $100.

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NCAA selection committee ready to do the dirty work

Am I the only one confused by 1st round games. Two of these games will include the last 4 at large teams??? If that is the case, does this mean a team like Michigan St. could be one of the final at large teams and play on in this round. Then turn around and play a #1 seed? If this is true then there are major problems with this format. I would rather be a #2 seed if this is the way the tournament is being set up.

Maybe I'm just reading this article wrong.

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KU sophomores Elijah Johnson, Thomas Robinson make most of minutes vs. Memphis

And that opponent's best perimeter player usually goes off for more than his average. lol

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