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KU volleyball reflects on first season in renovated Horejsi Arena

Totally agree, Bville. If this is accurate, this is nothing less than a complete collapse of order, and this has to be explained, if it can be. What really gripes me is the lack of transparency, we as fans have a right to know what the hell is going on. Note the way they tried to do it with Burse was that they said she was going to try out for national team, or some such bs, then she was never heard from again. Watch for that tactic.

I will never give a dime to a program that operates in such a cavalier way towards the program and towards the players.


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KU volleyball reflects on first season in renovated Horejsi Arena


I hope this is just sloppy roster posting. But it is strange that those three, nor Christon, are there. But we are in total agreement, that would be too many players leaving to not have something that's not right.

The recruiting class is quite good, and they would add, but to start all over with another rebuilding cycle, that is just too much.


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Defensive issues typified KU football's 2019 season

We went down fast when Dru Prox got hurt.


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Defensive issues typified KU football's 2019 season

How does this compare to Beatty years? Why didn't you tell us?


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KU volleyball reflects on first season in renovated Horejsi Arena

Don't really understand what is going on, and hope I am wrong, but the current roster 2020-21 on kuathletics is the following

High School
Rachel Langs
Middle Blocker
Fairview, Texas
Lovejoy HS
Sara Nielsen
Glen Ellyn, Ill.
Benet Academy
Gracie Van Driel
Middle Blocker
Rose Hill, Kan.
Rose Hill HS
Kennedy Farris
Defensive Specialist
Leavenworth, Kan.
Lansing HS
Riley Foltz
Outside Hitter
Eudora, Kan.
Eudora HS
Audri Suter
Libero/Defensive Specialist
Flower Mound, Texas
Flower Mound HS
Lacey Angello
Libero/Defensive Specialist
Lansing, Kan.

No Camryn Ennis, no Kailie Carrier, no Rachel Hickman. Please Ray, say it ain't so.


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Year In Review: The pessimist's take on the 2019 Kansas football season

Next year, we will really see the test of Miles system. We take serious losses on paper, and we don't have hardly any offensive or defensive line recruits, so what you see, is what you get.

One facet of attack that I truly believe Miles would have done, if it had been possible, was a running game to use clock time, keep us in games, and give the defensive some rest.
Our line was just not good enough to do that. Pooka does a lot of it on his own, and that is a crying shame.

One thing that is going under the radar, is that Carter Stanley had a hell of a senior year. And the other thing is the mystery of why Beatty just wouldn't give a chance. His fellow players liked him, and they played hard for him.

Fact is if he would have played all of last year, he would have been even better this year, and he is now in the top 5 all time for KU touchdown in a season and career.

Look for some position changes with mixed results.


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KU volleyball reflects on first season in renovated Horejsi Arena

We have gone down every year over the last 5 years.
We are last or next to last in almost every statistical category {see]

Players are not being developed, and there does not seem to be a strategy to win.

Adjustments during the match, I have rarely seen any.

Featuring the talent of the best players? Not often.

Ray Bechard is well liked, so he will get another year, but seriously it has to be make or break, and I don't see that much make or this team.


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Year In Review: The optimist's take on the 2019 Kansas football season

I am optimistic, because in the beginning, everyone should be. I believe Coach Miles will get us back to respectability and bowl games, and that would be just fantastic.

I would even say that for what Beatty left him, he may have overachieved. We were not far away from 6 victories, we could have beat Texas, Iowa St, and West Virginia.

Now, this next year is going to actually be harder, because we will have to play some young kids like Potter, and there will be growing pains. Our line play was mediocre at best, and that is tragic given that we have one of the premier running backs in the country.

Defensively we are probably ok but not great in the secondary, but linebackers must be better next year, and defensive line has simply got to be rebuilt, and improved, it was terrible, though granted there was effort, but results simply were insufficient.

Another big problem will be QB. I hope everyone realizes just what an incredible season Carter Stanley had. The mystery will always remain why didn't Beatty like Carter Stanley.
He never gave him credit, and he refused to take into consideration that the team always played hard for Carter.

Let's all stay optimistic

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KU volleyball falls in 5 sets to Mountaineers

I really wonder if Carrier is going to stay. I doubt it, and she is proof and evidence of the ability of our coaching staff to do nothing with what we have. I cannot believe that a 6-5 girl who can move cannot provide anything to this team.

Coach Booth or Coach Bird both sound good to me. Ennis is really the glue on this team, and the one player who can perform at a high level at kills, digs, serving, and setting and blocks.

Now supposedly VanDriel and Hickman also have multiple skills, so damn it, put them in a position to succeed. Nielsen is back, Ennis is back, Langs had a disappointing year, that also has to be solved. Christon is a force, but she has to raise her percentage, again coaching and strategy could do it.

Our recruits are good, but its what you do with them that matters.


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Jayhawks dismantled by No. 11 Bears during 61-6 drubbing on Senior Day

There were actually some good signs this year, but of course there is much work to be done, when you start as low as our program is. If the same amount of improvement happens next year as happened this year. We could easily win 5 games.

Our lines however, simply have to be better. We have one of the premier running backs in the country, but he has to virtually do it by himself, and even Stanley today, he was constantly under the gun.

And defensively this was the worst tackling I have ever seen. And their line was getting their backs 4 yards down the field before we even laid a hand on the runner.

I watched the whole damn sickening performance. And let's not forget the special teams miscues. Those were good for 21 points. This was a stinkeroo, but I still believe that in many ways this team overachieved. Stanley ends his career with the second most touchdowns in a season, ranks high for a career.

Next year we will begin to see the real rebuilding, because redshirts will play and freshmen with talent.


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