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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Welcome to the Kansas family, Mr. Oubre! Rock Chalk!

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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

If we are changing the line only now, we are done for this season. These things should have been solved prior to the start of the season. Apparently these things are either not showing up in practice or the staff is ignoring them in the hopes that suddenly everything clicks.

Is this the offensive genius that is Charlie Weis? Com'on. Maybe if Grunhard is in over his head, and I'm just speculating that he may be, wouldn't an Offensive Coordinator help, maybe someone who could also help coach the line? That's my suggestion on a fix. I know it won't happen until next year, now.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

I tell you, I get tired of the same comments from coaches and players saying they are mystified at what's going on. I get nobody is going to call anybody out, but maybe they should. Embarrass them to either get better or get out of the way.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

"You have to wonder why things keep getting worse." I wish Keegan would have tried to tackle this statement in his first paragraph. Instead he just described the symptoms. To quote Melvin Udall from As Good As It Gets, "I'm drowning here, and you're describing the water!"

But yes, there are problems here and the line is a huge problem for us. It seems we put all of our egg's into Smithburg being our starting center and it has not materialized the way they wanted it to.

Our offense sucks. We have great RBs, but what's the point of having them if we are looking at games like Saturday?

I think fans should be hard on Weis. Where is the Offensive Coordinator? I can't see where it would hurt this program to have another coach who is there to help the offense. Specifically with the line and maybe our wide receivers because in some areas we are seeing no improvement or in some cases with our line, more problems.

Are we so strapped for cash we couldn't go out and get an Offensive Coordinator or is it that Weis thought he could do it all? It's apparent, Weis can't do it all. He needs help. I know I personally am disappointed seeing someone like James Sims with a chance to go into the Kansas record books as being the best back to step on the field at KU be thrown away quite literally by this inept passing game and questionable coaching schemes.

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Kansas hoops recruit Kelly Oubre feels ‘love’

I am guessing we'll be recruiting 3 or 4 players in this next recruiting class. Getting Oubre to commit now to us would be huge. Would be nice to have our class figured out early, too. Might happen that way this year.

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KU football commitment Andre Maloney passes away after suffering stroke on the field

So sad to hear this. Makes you wonder what could have caused the blood clot in someone so young. Thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.

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Kansas football aims to score more

Trent Smiley gets a starting gig and a couple of receptions and now he's a scoring machine. Go get us all those TDs you promised us. "Well, we're waiting!"-- Judge Smails

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Kansas football aims to score more

If only we had someone specifically there who just did the coordination for the offense. An offensive coordinator, if you will. Why the HELL didn't we get one this offseason? Are we just waiting on someone specific or are we just dumb? Can anybody name a modern day Division I team in the NCAA that has any major success with a head coach who doubles for an Offensive Coordinator? I cannot.

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Opinion: Talent limiting football offense

A third straight article about our lack of talent at the WR position? This just in... Our receivers are bad.

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Opinion: Running on first down best bet for KU

6 and long pickles? Interesting word choice. Anyway...we lack either talent or development in our wideouts. Same as Keegan's last article.

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