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Frankamp headed to Wichita State


I have seen you make the Smart statement several times on here. You have half of it correct. Forte's father being a Kansas Graduate.

Forte's father gave the Smart family a house to live in for a couple of years at little to no cost when Smart was in high school and part of Forte's AAU team. Since Forte was a graduate of Kansas University the gift would have made Marcus Smart ineligible to come to Kansas University. The coaching staff knew this early on and did not recruit Smart. CF had nothing to do with any offer.

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Cowboys soak in excitement of upset victory over Kansas

I was at the game. Smart's superman pose and comments to the KU bench was discus sting to witness. Occurred in front of an official that chose to ignore it and the Big 12 commissioner straight across the court who also could not have missed the antics. Smart obviously does any thing he want to without any responsibility.

Smart then stepped to the free throw area and began to chip at Wiggin's which also was wonderful to behold. Smart is a total tool.

Congratulation's to the rest of the Oklahoma State team for the victory.

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

Charlie Weis? I thought I was still watching Turner Gill coach today. Fourth and 13 with the ball on your own 16 yard line and the place kicker has the option to go for it? That the dumbest thing I have ever heard! No matter how you slice it, that is bad coaching.

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Tulsa athletic director a candidate for KU

All I want to know from any AD candidate is do they know how to negotiate a contract that protects KU's interests? The lack of fiscal responsibility we have with our current administration is appalling.

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