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Bill Self: KU in 'good place' with Silvio De Sousa's eligibility

Sounds good enough to me. The FBI case is falling apart anyway with their so called “undercovers” not keeping the books properly. The “CW” in Silvio’s case, pleaded guilty to a charge not even alleged on his side of the indictment. There’s been plenty of hand wringing and angst; and the whole thing is way overblown. One of these days maybe, the federal govt. will figure out there are real crimes out there to prosecute, and avoid getting played by their own people.

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KU pitching depth to be tested in Big 12 tourney

Since the LJW won’t report timely, on the baseball team results, we have to do it for them.

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Oklahoma defeats Kansas baseball, 14-6; KU faces Texas in first round of Big 12 tourney Wednesday

Wasn’t there another game in this series? And wasn’t it played on Friday? How’d that game turn out LJW?

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Marcus Morris and Celtics 'gooning' their way to 2-0 lead in East finals

Finish them off Boston! Great job Marcus, on the D! :)

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KU basketball target Romeo Langford to make college choice known tonight

Indiana. So we can all rest easy.

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College basketball panel calls on NCAA to ban cheats, end one-and-done

How can the one and done rule be addressed, without adopting the baseball agreement? Allow players EVERY year to put their name in the draft, and allow them to come back to the same school if they’re not drafted? Not going to happen, and it’s not workable. The goal should be to stabilize rosters, not put them in chaos. It should be the opposite: once you put your name in the draft you’re done playing college ball, and ineligible for it. But once you’re enrolled at a four year school, it’s three years. And JUCO guys would commit for two; to complete the JUCO degree. And all of these certifications of AAU events and agents; who’s going to certify that? It’s really a disappointment; a lot of hype for very few workable reccomdendations.

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NBA fines both Morris twins for separate incidents

RJ; that’s an absolute load of nonsensical crap. That reference was to a criminal accusation; they stood trial, and were cleared. To reference that particular story (which the LJW ran numerous lead ups to the actual trial), was smearing them for no reason. Why not reference every thing that happened at Kansas on the court? All of their fines and technical fouls in the NBA? The two stories are apples and oranges; just another mud sling throw. It’s worthles; it adds no value; just gasoline on the fire.

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