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KU wants $1 million in restitution from convicted men in college basketball corruption trial

If people are not smart enough to figure this situation out (Brett), that KU is doing the right thing in defending itself against an FBI created scandal, then we have nothing to discuss. KU HAS been doing the right things; we HAVE shut down kids from playing because of eligibility issues; we shut down kids in the current situation. This “scandal” pales in comparison of what’s happened in the past, the UNC academic fraud; and whatever set ups are happening and have happened with AAU teams. Everybody needs to take a deep breath, and not knee jerk react that KU is the most corrupt school in the country, based on changing headlines.

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KU wants $1 million in restitution from convicted men in college basketball corruption trial

It’s just like any other game you participate in “bruh;” Do you play to win? Or do you just show up to lose? The game is on; and it looks like KU has chosen to fight, and fight to win; and that’s a good sign.

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Report: NCAA seeking more FBI information in college basketball corruption scandal for its own investigation

Silvio De Sousa is the first athlete in college sports history, to be ruled ineligible to play for TWO YEARS; for receiving no benefits. None, Nada. Money not used to pay for one meal; no car payment; no new set of threads; NOTHING. And now, based on all of this FBI created nonsense, we’re going to get punished by the NCAA? I think not. If they do come for us; and it’s going to be awhile, year or two at least; we should circle the wagons and fight this with every fiber of our collective school, coach, administrator and legal department being. We didn’t play Preston; sat him after we got info. on some of these payments; we sat Silvio after the trial info in the fall; we’ve taken the proper steps in response to the news. But in addition, we have to govern everybody we talk to, including apparel company contracted employees? Give me a break.

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Despite strong start, KU women drop 75-71 decision to Texas Tech

3-15 last year in the league; and with everyone back, it’s 2-12. This week, we lost to two teams; one of which has won 6 games TOTAL this year; and one which has 3 league wins; 2 vs Kansas. There is no improvement; no building of something, no momentum. It’s time for a change.

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To avoid sanctions, KU basketball may need to convince NCAA Gassnola is not a booster

This is the biggest scam of a scandal story, possibly ever, in big time sports. The FBI started all of this: because of one guy, trying to get his sentence reduced for real crimes; for committing real fraud worth millions of dollars. He introduced them to Adidas, because of Pitino’s direct contract with them; that gave them the “in” to this wing of the fraud. Kansas is literally collateral damage in this drive by hit; and if the NCAA goes after us on this and penalizes us with vacated wins and tournament bans; it would be the most egregious overreach in collegiate sports history. One player, Preston, never played a minute for us. The other player, De Sousa, played 20 games, and it’s been documented, received no benefits. So here we are; the full force of the NCAA about to be unleashed with KU as the main target; all because a contracted employee, made payments to players on his own without our knowledge; and once we found about it, the players didn’t play. A sad time indeed.

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KU women can't complete comeback in loss at Oklahoma

WISH for the glory days of Coach Washington? We should be so lucky; 7 league titles, our only Big 12 title, numerous NCAA berths; we’re a far cry from that. We just lost to a team that has won 6 games, TOTAL; for the year. Yes, we beat them earlier; but apparently, we’re not allowed to sweep any season series (KSU previous). 6 league wins minimum, to keep his job; 4-3 to finish; a daunting task.

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KU women surrender late lead in loss to Kansas State

Just a terrible loss; how do you blow a 7 point lead in the last 2 minutes? It’s unscceptable frankly; and this coach better figure it with 8 league games left. Must wins are TTech, TCU; and then figure out 2 more wins among OSU, OU, WVU and ISU. We talk about not having Washington available; we lost to TTech with her. Before the season, I said minimum 6 or 7 league wins for this coach to keep his job; to show actual program improvement; the clock is ticking.

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NCAA's De Sousa ruling raises new questions about whether KU coaches committed violations

This was obviously written before the AD’s statement; or a quick phone call and question for comment would have been appropriate. Either way, this is a misleading article at best. “The NCAA for the first time, publicly described the individual.....”; so dramatic! And so wrong! KU listed him as a “booster”; forced to do by the NCAA; so they could rule on reinstating Silvio. The NCAA didn’t “describe” him; Kansas did. And how can he be a “booster,” when he’s employed by the shoe company, that has a legal contract with the school? In two words; he can’t. Did the recruit receive improper benefits? No. Did the school direct said “booster” to provide improper benefits? No. Does the school have the right to talk to an employee of a contracted apparel company? Yes. At this point, if I were in charge at KU, I would tell the NCAA the ruling on Silvio is good; you destroyed a kid’s college career for receiving zero benefits; fine. But this is it; this washes us clean of this whole thing. No more investigations on this matter. Because this whole deal was a set up in the first place; the FBI sting started when one guy, who committed real crimes, wanted to get his lengthy sentence reduced, and he put them in touch with all of these runners, agents and Adidas; and over the cliff it went. And KU is trying like heck to find a branch to grab hold of, on the way down; and this latest ruling, should be it.

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KU football's trip to Boston College moved to Sept. 13

The LJW scooped again; here is your new offensive coordinator

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