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KU football's 2018 class best since Beaty's arrival, but far from historic

It’s a good class; there’s no other way to say it. All of this nonsense and parsing of words and historic context and too JUCO heavy is just that; nonsense. We’ve landed some good football players; and many of them were pursued by other P5 programs. We are GOING to be a better football team next year; and that means the head coach gets a 5th year, and then we see where we are. The o line will develop and get better; the RBs are good, and deep; the WRs will get better, deep. We’ve actually recruited LBs in this class; and the secondary now has talent AND depth. The key for this program to improve, is to get quality players; and to get depth sufficient to replace when injures occur, attrition, transfers, whatever. The program is now being built; please allow it to happen.

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Saturday Stunner: Jayhawks upset, 'whipped' by Oklahoma State at Allen Fieldhouse

Getting the ball; we don’t value blocking off an opposing player or having hands ready to catch it. Doke had 20 points today; but about 5 more rebounds and we probably win. One possession in the 1st half sums it up: shot clock winding down, the Cowboys step back for a 3 just before the clock violation; Dok and Svi are standing in front of 1 OSU player; on the other side of the basket are 2 OSU players. So of course, Dok helps Svi block off one guy (Svi had him just fine); the ball comes off the rim soft, right in front, and the OSU kid couldn’t have had an easier rebound and stick back. If Dok just swings around in front of the basket, he probably gets the board. This season could still be a great story; but it will be a sad one if we can’t make these simple, ball sending plays.

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5 stats that popped in KU’s loss at Oklahoma

Yes rebounds were fine; 2nd chance points and points off TOs combined were dominated by KU. The key in the game was another Vick no show (Garrett had the same points with 12 fewer minutes) and Devonté basically wearing down; it’s too much to ask him to guard one of the best players in the country AND play 40 minutes. Graham needs 2-3 minutes of rest per half; I truly don’t see why that can’t be done.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

Larry Bird had a very simple, but effective approach at the FT line: a couple of dribbles, ball right next to him, favoring the right hand; a slight knee bend and the shot. I would get the video of Larry; get him in the gym and start shooting, over and over. Can’t change his form now? He HAS to change his form; because he can’t sink the shots. If he was making 55 plus %, then yes, it could be tweaked. He just missed six straight at crunch time; change the approach!

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KU football adds 8th juco prospect, DL Charles Cole, to recruiting class

Kevin, here’s two: Stewart and Ogletree, very good corners from the first class in 2015. Let’s see who actually signs tomorrow (or not so we can pursue in Feb.), and get as many guys in here at semester as we can, and start getting into shape and ready for the season. The coach is the coach folks; he deserves to be able to see what he can do with his kids.

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Former LSU QB and NJCAA national champ Lindsey Scott Jr. considering KU football

Three years to play three; he’s a JUCO recruit, but the eligibility is like a high school recruit. Get him in here, and get him in here now. 🙂

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Phone call with Syracuse staff helped Washington's Mike Hopkins game plan for Kansas

Defense and our turnovers lost the game last night; throw in being out rebounded by three, and it was all she wrote. We must hang our hat on these principles: handle the ball, D, and rebounding; everything flows from that including offense (stick backs, transition buckets etc.). Until we get full personnel, our half court set offense will continue to struggle; it’s a long season folks, plenty of improvement to be made.

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New Orleans WR Devonta Jason drawing interest from another SEC program

He’s still listed as committed; even though he’s had LSU and MSU always as a strong interest. This is why this coach needed to be retained; so he and his staff can have a chance to land this class. It’s unprecedented territory to have s 5* recruit coming to our school; we’re 20 days away.

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KU, Villanova announce future hoops series

“Outsmarted” by a matchup zone defense; ‘‘‘tis to laugh. :)

Good to play these home and homes with known quality programs; fun for the fans, excellent for resumé building for the tourney.

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Notebook: Zenger endorses Beaty in rebuilding process; Wise and Armstrong will weigh NFL decisions

Frost is doing great at UCF; not near as tough as the Big 12 though, with 60 schollies. We’re not firing this coach; so get over it already. Quit floating names, they’re not going to be the coach here. Everybody can’t see the bigger picture; as an institution Kansas has had tons of football coaches; about every three years, we change coaches. There is no continuity; it’s bad cop then good cop; it’s nonsense really. Do you think that’s not noticed in the intercollegiate football world? And really, Turner Gill a better coach than David Beaty? Please. Because he had 5 wins in 2 years? (MM was 24-13 his last 3 years). He had MM’s recruits, and misused them frequently (Chris Harris, exhibit A). He had one year with four non league games; and won two of them. 56-7 trailing at the half vs OSU; 13 yards per carry given up vs Ga Tech; and on and on. SZ and DB didn’t start the downward spiral; but they deserve a chance to end it; for sure at least slow it down. When Beaty took over, plenty of pundits and scribes talked about a long term project; five or six years. This is year three; that’s half of six. It’s not enough time.

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