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FBI investigative file includes KU documents; athletic department says investigators have not contacted KU

The Kansan’s comment, “but appears to contradict what Kansas Athletics officials said after the scandal broke,” is patently false. The spokesman said they hadn’t been contacted by the FBI in regards to the investigation; this doesn’t even address that. They acknowledge nothing; that even docs exist. ANYONE could have sent the FBI information about KU; including Adidas, rival schools.....ANYBODY. It’s a news story, where there is no news; hyperbolic nonsense.

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Morris twins acquitted in Phoenix assault case

Great news! Now they can get on with their careers and lives; per whatever trial testimony has come out, it sounds like justice was done.

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Tom Keegan: Offense supplies sign of progress for KU football

We'll struggle all year with defending the pass; but it will improve....we're so inexperienced. Would love to see Kyle Mayberry get a shot. The offensive improvement is great to see; but the slow starts are killing us. 28-3 yesterday, before anyone blinked; 28-17, and it could have been a different outcome. Same with CMU and Ohio; down 18 points in both games, before we scored a TD; starts of games must be better.

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Memorial Stadium renovation plans unveiled; campaign bolstered by $50M pledge

BTW, the answer is: 2009. We had MM back as HC; Bowen at D.C.; Ed Warriner at OC; and Reesing at QB. Next year we would have the first set of these circumstances, in 9 years. That says something right there.

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Memorial Stadium renovation plans unveiled; campaign bolstered by $50M pledge

Who's blaming the fans? KU admin has put us in the hole, again, starting with Lew. Your solution though of firing this coach, right now, is wrong. I'm a fan too, and you, as a fan, have expressed an opinion; and I'm expressing one as well. We cannot, must not, fire this football coach at this time. The roster and state of things this coach inherited were basically unprecedented. We are 5-65 in the conference, the last 8 years; one more year, or even two, of the same pct. isn't going to hurt much. And we'll have a full roster of kids finally. Some stability. And then the evaluation can be made. But only then.

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Memorial Stadium renovation plans unveiled; campaign bolstered by $50M pledge

These additions will be wonderful; it's a promise made and kept, it says something about the current athletics leadership. For the reference above: it would NOT be cheaper to tear down and start over with a new stadium; not even close.
Let's ask a real question with a real answer and see if you "fire the AD and football coach yesterday" folks can figure it out.....and this question goes to stability in the program. Name the last year KU returned the same HC, DC, OC and known starting QB? I'll give you a few panels to figure it out. :)

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Gary Woodland tied for sixth heading into second round of Tour Championship

Now he's only one stroke back after round two. The LJW does have access to the internet, correct? If Woodland can finish top 10, he'll win half a million dollars plus. Where is the coverage?

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Tom Keegan: New KU chancellor backs football coach, athletic director

So there it is; all the hyperbole and "breaking news "about a news conference announcing the AD's firing, and the football coach has basically this year to turn it all around or he's gone, was and is, pure nonsense. This football program's downward spiral started long before SZ was hired; and longer than that for HCDB. Lew Perkins is the grand poohba of the football program's demise; and it will take at least 4-6 years to have a shot at it getting it turned around. Have you seen how young we are? But when, you need to build with HS kids, and our scholly numbers were so low, this is what you get. We have a nice recruiting class right now goin; you get rid of this coach this year, then it's program shut down time basically. The offense is already demonstrably better; let's see what the conference season shows. This coach AND AD deserve a chance and seeing this thing through; but they must be allowed to have that chance.

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How much longer will Bill Self coach?

Self has zero to prove; yes, his elite eight record is not good, but as a basketball coach, a builder of programs, a consistent winner and a championship coach; zero to prove. I would like to see him coach long enough to break Phog Allen's win total at KU. I thing he's less then 200 wins away now; probably seven more years would do it. Then he can do whatever he wants. He's the best coach KU's ever had since Doc; it would be a fitting milestone.

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KU football coaches, players conscious of head injuries and CTE studies

I don't really think these types of reports serve any real purpose; unless it's for more funding, or to rile everybody up. How many dead boxers' brains have been examined? Soccer players? How many people at large, compared to football players, have been examined? How many inmates convicted of assault (they've been in a few fights) have been examined? And when are we going to look at all the football players, who have at least played college ball? The baseline percentage scientifically, cannot be donated brains from dead players that either killed themselves, or had some neurological disease. And HS and college coaches, how about eliminating the clock stop after every first down? No football game should more than 140-150 plays; college games routinely have 175 plus. And how about the passing game emphasis as a whole; would probably save a lot of head trauma if the run game were more prevalent. I feel for these folks, I really do, that have had tough lives after football; but I think we're fooling ourselves, if we think we know anything now. We've only scratched the surface for the problem and solution.

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