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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

If you discard 2002, Mangino went 16-12 vs what I consider the peer schools we have to compete against in recruiting; schools close to us geographically, and the same core academics. Back then, it was NU, KSU, ISU and MU. Now it’s ISU, KSU and we’ll throw in Okie St. 16-12; is it any wonder we won three bowl games including a BCS bowl? We competed and beat our peer schools; this is the most important milestone for any coach to hit; are you competing against and regularly beating your peer schools? It’s so important for fan buzz, attendance and recruiting. What’s our record against these teams since MM? 1-24. 7 year stretch of 16-12; now an 8 year stretch of 1-24. A big step this year would be to get that 2nd win; it’s time to start getting these wins again.

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Gary Woodland qualifies for Tour Championship

Tom, a little sensitive? Yes, the scenario is nice but that’s all you list. This is the top 30 golfers; Gary HAD to shoot that well just to qualify. Other champion golfers like Jordan Spieth, did not qualify. The purse is $9 million split among 30 golfers; plus the FedEx bonus; substantial money. I think you sell Gary short all the time, not just this article; your coverage never emphasizes how hard getting to this point is; but we’ll read whatever it is you decide to write; not much choice. :)

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KU football's ball-hawking defense key to successful road trip

2:30 start vs. Baylor; fairly easy to research. Good grief LJW.

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Gary Woodland qualifies for Tour Championship

Outstanding end to the season for Gary. The LJW sells him short by laying out the unlikely scenario of him actually winning the championship; if he finishes top 10 at East Lake, he’ll end up with a nice share of the purse and a sizable FedEx bonus; so plenty of prizes to get, without actually winning the whole thing. Go Jayhawks! Go Gary Woodland!

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Tom Keegan: KU's curious QB shuffle not the recipe for building swagger

‘Tis to laugh; the defense cost us this game? Hardly. 4 possessions where KU had the ball on at least their 45 1st and 10; and got ZERO points. Yes, Dineen’s face mask was huge; but it shouldn’t have come to that. Our “air raid” offense shakes up no one; we put little pressure on the defense, and can’t block any type of specialty rush; blitz, stunts, whatever. CMU is the season; the road losing streak; any pride left in this program? We’ll find out about 1800 hours this Saturday.

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Woods and Woodland: Not on top, but still contending

Well, it was a great tourney for Gary; before the weekend, he was as good as there has ever been; on the weekend, the putts didn’t fall and the game of golf has a way of doing that to you; and he dropped a bit. A top 10 in a major; he can build on that. The FedEx Cup race should be exciting. Congrats Gary! Seeing that Jayhawk on the bag is fun too see on TV!

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This is not your older brother's Nicholls State team

“.....stories in college basketball.” Huh? We are scheduled to play them on the football field, correct?

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Tom Keegan: Resumption of rivalry with Missouri would help KU football

Football, I would have no problem with resuming the rivalry. Conditions, however:

1. Home and Home. No neutral site nonsense at Arrowhead (the start of why KU’s program spiraled out of control downward under Lew).

2. The game should conclude at the end of the year once in awhile. The last time Kansas hosted MU at the end of the year was 25 years ago. Any KU admin. owes us that as much after screwing around with this rivalry and subsequently the football program, and partly causing this embarrassing current state of the program.

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Lagerald Vick to return to Kansas for senior season

Great news! Welcome back LaGerald! Nice to have the experienced, senior leader, to help guide the young guys. What a monster, athletic team we’ll be; very much, looking forward to the season. Go Jayhawks!!

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KU basketball's 2018-19 non-conference schedule finalized

Where is this story LJW? Welcome back LaGerald!

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