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Tom Keegan: KU football lets season opener slip away

The criteria and understanding by the Administration and the circus-like assembly of selection committee, will have to change before Jayhawk fan needs to worry about Les Miles or any other relevant Head Coach. The program has historical fumbles in selection, whether its hiring Lew Perkins from a irrelevant football program like UConn, or some AD from an obscure small-time program at Illinois State. The examples are equally embarrassing on the coaching level, leading to the current Head Coach who previous to Kansas has ZERO Head Coaching experience. His only claim-to fame was two-fold: he was the Recruiting Coordinator at Texas A&M when Johnny Manziel was in his glory. This requires zero skill to attract kids who wanted to be a part of the SEC and the buzz surrounding Johnny Football. The other stellar hiring quality that Beatty possessed is he had previously coached at Kansas.. Are you effing kidding me? What pretzel logic has to exist to justify that? Beatty is dead-man walking and new A.D. needs to make the change now. Kansas lost their only hope yesterday of winning a game all season.

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Texas basketball's job opening creates exciting time for Big 12, Kansas

The thought that Texas will command a Coach Self, or Coach K, or any of the coaches from a storied program is laughable. However, the perceived complacency and arrogance that seemed to rear its ugly head for Kansas versus Wichita State, has elevated Gregg Marshall to the notoriety he seems destined to achieve.

Marshall out-prepared, out-coached, and proved to have out-recruited Kansas. Instead of filling his bench with nepotism, Marshall demonstrated how deep of bench he possessed and how disciplined each player came ready to play. As you see the coaches this season still playing in the tournament, Izzo, Pitino, Few, Ryan, Brey....its obvious that coaching still matters and paramount to advancement in the tourney.

Coach Self seems to have fallen prey to the very strategy that finds Coach Barnes at Texas out after 17 years. Instead of recruiting for depth, commitment to program building and development, taking the easier route of recruiting from the list of McDonalds All Americans. "One and done" decimates a program's depth and continuity. Taking up precious seats on the bench with coach's and ex-player's kids, doesn't get you very deep in the tournament.

Gregg Marshall at Texas, with a new basketball arena ready to break ground, the entire State of talent, and his skills, don't bode well for any team in the Big 12.

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Shockers end KU's season in Round of 32

KU wasn't outplayed...they were simply out-coached. This was the least prepared and at half time, least adjusted team possibly in the tournament. The Bill Self Apologists can say all they want, this was a pathetic display of lack of preparation, lack of coaching throughout the entire game. The most laughable came when it was apparent that no KU player was going to be given instructions to defend the 3 point shot...and when WSU continued to pour them in...the coaching solution was go to a 2-3 zone...I still am in stitches at that decision!

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Busted: Crunch-time 'D' costs Kansas again

I may be well in the minority of comments, but to me, this season, this team, and most of all the recruiting efforts, seem very contrary to Bill Self. A coach being busted for smoking pot (how does a teacher of men, someone responsible for setting and enforcing example,regardless of your position on smoking, keep a job?) a player's family (allegedly) in trouble with an NBA agent, and a collective of players (minus Oubre/Ellis) that are representative of the most mediocre of recruiting efforts.

I adhere to the philosophy of not criticizing the performer, but the performance, The calling-out of players makes me cringe when its done. However, on a macro scale, this program seems to have slipped this season in what it historically has represented. The caliber of coaching that shows up on game day, the glaring misses in recruiting, the lack of consequences to players and coaches that run afoul, hints there is something amiss, some underlying turbulence that hasn't bubbled to the top yet.

However, the accolades of the best coaching job yet, another Big 12 Championship title (in arguably the weakest of conference play in years) , all seem to keep the proverbially wolves at bay. As blasphemy may be accused here, this could very well be another "Northern Illinois" one and done tournament team, and that is not an acceptable representation of Kansas basketball.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

good point, thanks.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

I like your thoughts here, particularly with the addition of Colorado State. I would also have Iowa tell me "no" and also see what Colorado's temperature is about returning, as a back-up plan to Cincy.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

"No Bowls-by"

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It smells like a skunking on the way for Big 12

Most of all, it exposes the Big 12 needs 12 teams and re-institute a Conference championship game. Bowlsby (ironic name) has made a fool of himself publicly by not being familiar with the Conference's own by-laws as it pertains to awarding a Conference Champion. The "Selection Committee" is glaringly lacking any representation from the Big 12 territory. Tom Osbourne will never support Texas Schools or Oklahoma, regardless of the conversation. Spike Dykes, Mack Brown, Barry Switzer and a host of others, should fill the vacated position of Archie Manning.

Meanwhile, hopefully our esteemed Commissioner can get up-to-speed on the basic tenets of the by-laws he was hired to govern.

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Coaching Search 2014: Another hypothetical example of the trickle-down effect

Mack Brown 63, Nick Saban 63 Steve Spurrier 69, Bill Snyder 72... and Franchione is still a very active and winning coach. You check all the boxes with Franchione, native of Kansas, turnaround specialist, program builder,head coaching experience, deep Texas recruiting pipeline, well within the Kansas football budget. At his age, you don't have to worry about the Kansas job being a "stepping stone" and in 5-7 years, when he wants to step down, his son Brad can make for a seamless transition into the HC spot. BTW...his son is no slouch as a coach and has two National Juco Titles under his belt, so you get an added value of juco recruiting with his pipeline.

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Coaching Search 2014: Another hypothetical example of the trickle-down effect

No sanctions placed at TCU or A&M by NCAA...the sanctions at Alabama Franchione inherited from the previous coach. He and former Kansas City Star columnist "Mike McKenzie' had a newsletter that boosters were paying to receive which gave insights not available to the press. It was a violation of NCAA rules at the time...and apparently a more egregious act than cars and houses at USC, and sexual assault charges at Florida State.

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