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I'm Batman: Marcus Garrett's big game at Oklahoma draws superhero comparison from Kansas coach Bill Self

More like "Spider" Man with that hair style than Batman. 👍😁👍

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'I just love coaching him': KU coach Self, guard Garrett on same page

Man, Garrett's hairstyle is so ugly. Why did he do it like that this year??
Does he think it looks good??

Great story about him though. He seems like a good guy with a good attitude.

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Former Jayhawk Lagerald Vick pulls name from NBA draft pool

It would be great if they work it out so he can come back. It would be equivalent to signing another great shooting guard out of high school to fill the final scholarship since that goofus Romeo Langford made the dumb choice to go to "Indiana".
I wonder if Vick burned some bridges with Self and the KU staff already? I thought it was weird that he was leaving when he wasn't really considered a highly sought after NBA recruit.
I wonder if his mom La-La-Land is part of the problem in his odd decision making??

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KU basketball notebook: Andrew Wiggins recognized at ESPY show

we need a link... is there a video clip of this online?

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Family follows KU forward Kevin Young to town

haha! his brother has the same dopey clown haircut.

for some reason, it looks goofier on the younger brother...

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Could Jeff Withey be in line for big game against Michigan State?

Picking us to lose!??


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KU men's basketball coach Bill Self introduces his team to a crowd of women at Ladies Night Out with

There are a lot of ladies on the right side of this picture with cameras, etc....checking to see what Self is "working with"...

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Point guard Frank Mason commits to KU basketball

Seems a bit low for a KU recruit.

I'd hate to have us fill a scholly slot and then miss out on a higher ranked point guard...

I do like the nickname "Frank The Tank" for him though... :)

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KU football announces select non-conference opponents through 2018

None of these games gets me excited...


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Milton Doyle spoke with Self on phone before deciding to transfer

stupid kid...
everyone wants to be the star "right now" as a freshman.

how about you follow Self's direction and let him develop you into a real player???

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