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Randall recalls earlier lockout

I saw Mark Randall and Jeff Gueldner out together in Lawrence several times when they were playing for the Hawks. They weren't in the "stylish" places when I saw them, and came and went crammed into Jeff's very small car - which was several years old and anything but flashy. The only hint that it belonged to a basketball star was its Illinois plates which read JHAWK 33 - Jeff's uniform number. As ku_foaf said, they were always with people who looked to be just ordinary students, not any kind of "posse".

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QB Brock Berglund won’t suit up for KU

Um, he's not HERE at all. Pay attention.

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Kirk Hinrich joins four No. 1 seeds on All-Decade Team

Picking THE player for the decade is going to be tough. I'll have trouble choosing between Kirk and Nick. Many will think of Mario and The Shot, but I don't remember that he made the kind of difference both Kirk and Nick did to the overall body of work. Besides, he, Brandon and Drew only gave 3 years each at Kansas. With Kirk and Nick we got the full four, and not one, but two trips to the Final Four.

I think I'll settle on Kirk because he was a starter longer, and played so much of the time at the point, the most important of all positions. But it won't be easy to skip Nick - just as it was very painful to have to leave Wayne out.

And Cole's squelch job on the "player of the year" and Midwest defector Tyler Hansborough in the FF is possibly my favorite all-time Jayhawk Basketball memory. The Shot was a thrill, but without Cole keeping Tyler under wraps we wouldn't get to the Final for Mario to shoot.

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Kirk Hinrich joins four No. 1 seeds on All-Decade Team

Like others, I find this one the most difficult to choose. Nick should have been included with the centers - he can, and did, do either - and then we wouldn't be faced with having to pick.

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DeAndre Daniels talks about recruiting rumors

Whatever. (Yawn.)

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Morris twins to Bobcats? It's possible

"Contingent on no marijuana testing"??? That's some restriction. Pitiful.

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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

Players DO owe us something - common courtesy - but that's not my biggest gripe with Josh Selby. Players definitely DO owe Bill Self and the coaching staff the courtesy to let them know where the players are (like wherever working out with an agent!) instead of them having to find out through the media. And they definitely owe the staff the simple manners of telling THEM for sure that they're leaving instead of, again, leaving it to the media. A spoiled teenager - which is definitely what Josh Selby is - is NOT, contrary to his own opinion - more "important" or more accomplished than Bill Self, Danny Manning, et al. It's not the fault of anyone at KU or who roots for KU that Josh had to "waste" a winter in Lawrence. He needs to get over himself.

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Vote for the All-Decade Team: Brandon Rush vs. Xavier Henry

Same thing in today's matchup, too. Sure, Mario made The Shot, but look at the career stats he put up versus Keith Langford. Keith did a whole lot more for the team throughout his career...and I came on here today fully intending to vote for Mario. Then I really read the stats and considered that Keith gave us all four years versus Mario's three, and the choice wasn't one bit hard. Not one bit.

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Vote for the All-Decade Team: Brandon Rush vs. Xavier Henry

You're either very young or you absolutely weren't paying attention! Sherron was very good sometimes, yes, but he also was very bad sometimes. From Kirk you got consistency - and most importantly, you got 100% effort every minute of every game. With Sherron you were lucky to get that for a few minutes in any given game. When it comes to value for his team day in and day out, year after year, Sherron wasn't even in the same Zip Code with Kirk.

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