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Here's what KU's 2013 basketball recruiting class would have looked like in previous years

Just going through all the lists over the years I couldn't help to think how many of those names weren't made famous in the NBA. Compare that to the players that did make it in the NBA from each of those classes. Lot of people not on these lists made it in the NBA. That is the group that Self usually gets a lot of players from.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

He will mock two or three of the other highly respectable programs and then put his Kentucky hat on. Just like his future teammate randle did. It is very disrespectful to the other schools and that is all they will get from this kid. All the pub and dreaming just adds to that.

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Opinion: Iowa State gets final shot at payback

I have heard enough about how bad the officials were in the "no call" and Withey's foul attributed to Kevin Young. There were so many bad calls against KU that the few that went in their favor were no more or less than "make up calls". I think KU is 20 points better than KU and they just need to go out and play that game instead of letting an inferior ISU team hang around. Hit em hard and hit fast and this one will be over early.

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KU three-point shot charts: Naadir Tharpe's hot spot and other quirks

"Basically, if Temple wanted this info, it most likely could have had it in minutes and not worried about sifting through shot charts or ESPN3 like I did."

No they wouldn't have to wade through ESPN shot charts like you because all they would have to do is google your blog.

Not picking a fight with you Jesse, just seemed it made the info easily and readily available. But I'll buy your explanation.

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KU three-point shot charts: Naadir Tharpe's hot spot and other quirks

Ok, the heck with being nice about:


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KU three-point shot charts: Naadir Tharpe's hot spot and other quirks

All very interesting but did you ever consider that doing our upcoming opponents scouting report might not be the best thing. I have. Wonder what Bill thinks. Sure the opposing coaches will probably figure this stuff out but let them stay up until 3 in morning doing it instead of giving them a template. Just something that occurred to me while reading your explanation of the inbounds plays at ohio state. You just might be doing a disservice to the hawks.

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KU’s Justin Wesley suffers broken pinkie

The season is early but McLemore has certainly lived up to his expectations and Perry Ellis is to much of a competitor to not come around. If we don't stop ourselves, I think you are right.

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Four-star defensive tackle Marquel Combs picks KU football via Twitter

He still has plenty of time to come to his senses. Hope we keep him.

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