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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

Reminds me of OSU quarterback, Terrelle Pryor. He also held up six different schools and scholarships by not signing his LOI on time & decided to wait. Flashfoward to today, where Terrelle just dropped a nuclear bomb on the OSU football programs on his way out the door.
DD is probably going to have multiple problems during his college career and later on. He seems to have all the makings of a highly selfish person. aka. Josh "can you loan me 200 dollars?" Selby.
Best of luck though. With all of the speculation and reports on DD over the past weeks, it'll be interesting to see how good he is.

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Marcus Morris visits Bucks

Chalmers will NEVER be replaced.

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Marcus Morris visits Bucks

Selby played only three good games for KU on a National spotlight & is probably going to get drafted in the mid/late 1st Round. What more do you want if you are a wing player coming out of high school?

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Brady Morningstar ‘winded’ during Jazz workout

Absolutely. I'm sorry everyone. I love all Jayhawks....Now if you'll excuse me, I must go build a "terror mosque" in Times Square, organize a death panel, and start a PINKO movement while I re-write Obama's birth certificate to make it appear that it came from Hawaii.....Best to you all!

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Brady Morningstar ‘winded’ during Jazz workout

Conservatives are also much more likely to buy monster truck SUVs, never recycle, deregulate EVERYTHING, join the Tea Party, and hate most black people.

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Nick Collison relishes run with OKC

Comparing Jeff Hornacek to Brady Morningstar is like comparing Tupak Shakur to Fred Durst.

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Markieff Morris slams Arizona's Derrick Williams

I'm smokin' "The Kieff."

12 yr. NBA career.
39th all time in NBA for career rebounds.
9th all time in NBA for techincal fouls.

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Christmas Eve Skype call with Bill Self sells for over $4,000 in eBay auction

For $4000, that call better include at least 7 solid minutes of phone sex.

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