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Opinion: Whistle-happy refs put stamp on KU opener

What part of non contact do you (anybody that is complaining) not understand. This thuggo muggo ball has made me crazy for years.The whole concept provides for what I call philosophical refereeing, which could lead to bad 50/ 50 calls and possibly games being thrown. Bobby Knight said" if you believe all Referees are pure, you are foolish."

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Believe it or not, it's time for KU basketball media day...

HCBS said it could be a different 9. So early on I'll say Tharpe/Mason. Selden/AWIII. Wiggins/AWlll.Ellis/Traylor. Tarik/JoJo..But I Think 5 will play in the front court, and 5 in the back court depending on the opponent and who's hot...

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Opinion: 7-footer Embiid rare talent among Kansas big men

Sorry Tarik I'll get it right..

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Opinion: 7-footer Embiid rare talent among Kansas big men

I think the best thing is the ones going against the twos.. Tarick and Perry learning how to get past Jo Jo and Lucas or Mickelson ..iron sharpening iron..

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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA

What if this is just a smoke screen designed to scare some of the recruits. I can just hear some of the other coaches."you know it's just a matter of time before he jumps to the NBA " " Come to our program our Coach will be here for another ten years" Yeah right just like Brad Stevens..

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KU hoops Boot Camp starts today

Soccer Moms, that's funny Oak..

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

I'm disappointed in the passing game. I know HCCW has to keep his QB confident but I don't... "Just catch the ball" was my comment...And Heaps missed throws too.I'm officially off the band wagon! I mean, I was looking for" Super man "and I got" Under Dog"
! BOO Hiss Bummer!!

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

After the surprising rise in the GPA on the football team during the first semester of HCCW's tenure, I would think the NCAA should welcome Charley's insistence that academics are important and maybe consider his program as

a model and trust him. Agreeing with VAJAY. And DrJay..

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

It is my understanding that Phog Allen was instrumental in the start of the NCAA Basketball tournament .So could it be that the shadow of KU causes them to rule less favorably toward KU.. I remember when the NCAA felt the need to leave KC for INDY.. was that to separate them farther from the Phog Allen roots? This needs a Jaybate investigative report!

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

I'll echo that GB.
Welcome Andrew and if you don't choose KU I'll applaud your choice anyway because you did it with class!!!

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