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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

I applied for a job selling Cadillacs in Kansas City in 1979. I was still living in the 60"s (if you know what I mean) at the time and did not think I had the slightest chance of getting the job. Much to my surprise, out of 106 applicant's I made to the final 2.

I took a test that according to the man that gave it to me showed that I needed constant reassurance that I was doing the right thing, (no confidence). Finally, he sits back in his chair and says " tell me, how do you feel about losing"? I'm 19 at the time, "sir when I was a kid I couldn't stand it, but as I have gotten older I am learning its part of life". He smiled, stood up from his desk and "said have a nice day, you just lost the job".

Ben is a wonderful young man, one of the most beautiful shooting strokes I have ever seen. He is also very shy, lacks confidence and is immature. Not immature irresponsible, he has not begun to grow up yet, naive. Perhaps the exec's have the fear that he's not ready for the type of life the NBA world throws at you. Please this is not meant in any
way to shed a negative light on Ben, possible sad truth. The one recurring thread with
NBA interviews and Ben was he is immature. Whoever drafts him will have to address
this. I want every thing wonderful and successful for Ben.

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Bill Self: Security tricky subject

Tickets for family members only, wait, this family can't pay their heating bill how did they get
here? Travel allowance, lodging, food for a limited number of family members is part of the players "payment" allowed by the NCAA so issues like Blackstockgate don't happen. I am not talented enough to provide the type presentation that H.E.M. and others can. Money is the center of all this controversy. Perhaps if the NCAA and the schools that earn money off the players made it possible for families to avoid the almost certain traps that talented players are going be exposed to and it would be easier to monitor. If help were provided then "back ground" checks and possible invasion of peoples privacy could be avoided.

There was always family week in rehab. Now I'll admit that there is a huge difference between being a gutter drunk and a div. 1 basketball player. I didn't generate any money like these athletes do. I did however get a scholarship, a full ride to a 30 day facility. This is true.
My point is that I was given real help for free. The NCAA and the schools need to do more
to protect these kids. By the way, the help came from a private institution, no state or fed.
connection. One game at a time.

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Basketball notebook: UNC hires son of ex-KU athletic director

Back to the movies, 50's & 60's sci-fi." Krono's ", "Forbidden Planet", "Invader's From Mars",
"Invasion of the Body Snatchers", from the 30's Claude Raines in "The Invisible Man" don't
forget one of the first "footers" playing center from a small town in Europe the man with the
bolts in his neck "FRANKENSTEIN". He wouldn't be able to play both ends of the floor. Think
he'd be Nike or Adidas? Lil help? RCJH oh yes the 60's, 'The Andromeda Strain", "2001",
"Fantastic Voyage". Come on down......."Day of the Triffads" sp? "Children of the Damned"

Conner F will work with Tarik on his foul shooting, mark my imagination! Little manic today,
Please everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend, monk.

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Tarik Black strong, physical

Conner F will be spending time with Tarik @ the free throw line daily. Tarik will develop a
perfect stroke and by years end will shoot above 75%, ice in his veins. He may become
so good that he will chosen to shoot tech's. ( on seniors night )

I hope that this remarkable team that has been built develops a bond that surpasses
08'. I hope they take care of each other, hold each other accountable and set a new bar in
being coach able. I hope that every athlete in the nation in any sport thinks " I want to have
what the Jayhawks have".


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NBA teams size up McLemore, Withey at combine

I really don't see how comment's like this are any different than the "tweets"
mentioned in the article today. I'm certain that I'm going to get shelled about
my comment, I don't care.

Peoples attitudes about KU are often tempered by our claim to class and tradition and statements like yours Stephan. They don't mix, being an "elite"
program with a rich tradition and history does not give us a pass on treating
everyone around us like a sub-species. I have mentioned this before and the
response has been that "trash talk" is part of the game. I am well aware of my
ability to say STUPID things, I'm working on it. ( Stopping it, not being more
creative in my stupidity).

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

Would everyone join me in a moment of silence..........................................Amen.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

Gort, just let that beam o light write JAYHAWKS on the surface of the moon, etch
it deep in a rock, CHALK JAYHAWK!

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

espn has already had a big blue( UK possible super/frosh?) on one of their side bars this
morning. It sat for a couple of minutes then disappeared. I loath that stuff. I have a Dr's appt
this morning and my heart rate is through the roof. If I tell the truth about why I'm so..........
Wigged, sorry I had too, probably be another trip to the 4th FLOOR! This feels like one of
those Christmas mornings when I thought I was getting the greatest toy ever made, mini-bike,
go-cart, 12ga. auto pump whatever, the stocking was always good. Have a great day Hawks!

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