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AD asks KU football fans for leniency as Les Miles rebuilds program 'right way'

The process, painful as it is, has to be followed to a T. Les and this staff were handed a program on life support and, as much as I personnaly am tired of having to be patient, will give this staff the chance to prove themselves over a 5 year period. We simply have to. I'm encouraged by the recruiting and the young talent that's getting some PT. I'm a season ticket holder and have been for ~20 years. Even with tickets in hand and paid for, my desire to go to the games has waned. I don't feel good about that and have to keep thinking how hard (young and veteran) the football team is working to try and compete. God bless Parchment and the other veterans for giving it their ALL knowing the end result will not be positive. I don't care how hard you try or talented you are, if you're playing a lot of Freshmen and Sophomores against 3, 4, and 5th year guys at very established programs, the results from a score and W/L aspect are not going to be good. So, I'm all in, and look forward to better days when we can field teams of comparable talent and maturity with other programs and legitimately compete week in and week out. Rock Chalk!!

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Report indicates NCAA Oversight Committee in favor of pushing back start of college hoops season

I liked this comment simply because it’s not as easy as just saying, “Healthy 18-24 year olds are not at risk...” Of course, until they are......

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No substitutes: Once Miles picks a KU QB, the plan is to stick with him

So fired up to see our Jayhawks on National TV and provide some payback to CC. I know were young but I feel we are going to see a much improved ball club. Rock Chalk!!

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Texas prep DL Tommy Dunn Jr. becomes newest member of KU's 2021 class

Those are “Rivals” rankings and they have yet to rank this kid.

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AD Jeff Long expects fans to be allowed at KU football games

Spot on MK!! enjoyed that response.

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How Kansas and Southern Illinois came together to replace a pair of canceled college football games

Matt, will you be doing a story on what Kansas (the football community) is going to do on field during the game for players and staff. Will all Kansas head gear be equipped with the clear face guards attached to the grill for instance? Separately, is Benton still on staff?

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Kansas Athletics reports zero positive results in latest round of COVID-19 testing

It seems as though there was some negative remarks back when the Athletic department chose to go with the Kansas Team Health approach for medical, etc. Sure feels like a great decision now all things considered. Pandemic or no Pandemic, a solid decision by Mr. Long and crew...

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Take the gloves off and go down fighting at this point!! Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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