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Udoka Azubuike explains decision to return to KU for junior season

Doke has to correct his shooting form (of course to correct, one would suggest there is one) and find a 12’ jumper and in. Height and reach will land him a contract and if he can add a jumper, a lot more minutes. They wont say it but, his form had to stick out like a sore thumb.

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Tom Keegan: Najee Stevens-McKenzie back at fighting weight, battling for job

He said he weighed 220 something on his official visit to KU. Not sure how much time between that and his trip to join the team was.

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Free State lineman plans to walk on with KU football

How refreshing to not see one negative back stabbing comment related to a positive article on KU football and recruiting. God I hope this staff can get it figured out. #neatdeal indeed. Rock Chalk!!

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Tom Keegan: Beaty gives captains big role in choosing punishment for handshake snub

Did we really need yet another article on this topic? This team and staff has certainly dug themselves a big ass hole that they can barely see (if any) light at this point. Regardless of what each of us thinks about giving coach another year or to cut bait and move on, this topic on a handshake snub is dead as a door nail. And no, I’m not OK with it, it was a dumbass move by a program not needing additional play at this point, but is there really more to discuss? Not in my opinion.

Tom K., your articles have a very consistent negative spin of late (and probably rightly so) as there isn’t much of anything positive to report on football wise. Having said that, I’d like to ask you flat out, do you want Beaty fired? Don’t shirk the question with, it’s not my decision, or it doesn’t really matter what I think, etc. Do you want Beaty fired, yes or no?

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Missed Chances: Longhorns capitalize on KU's mistakes; Jayhawks fall at Texas

Adios Brett. Those of us left who do care, aren’t rationalizing anything, we're looking for improvement, silver linings, the positive, wherever we can. If, ands and buts.......I choose to care and support.

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Tom Keegan: Cyclones in a blowout; Jayhawks in a tailspin

Agree that Bender is a good kid but, your right; he doesn’t look confident, he doesn’t play confident and he doesn’t lead. Play Stanley.

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Tom Keegan: Cyclones in a blowout; Jayhawks in a tailspin

Sure Steve, and brussel sprouts are better than asparagus, turkey bacon than tofu, etc., etc.. In other words, that reference is meaningless.

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Tom Keegan: Self fields Adidas questions without sweating

You can play with the words all you want to and leave doubt in the minds of Kansas fans as Tom does here; that’s his job. But I’m confident that with a basketball program as prominent as Kansas is and with a new $191MM deal...we would have known way before now if we were in deep sh!@

I trust in Self. Rock Chalk!! Beat Missouri!

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KU fans split on idea of Border War scrimmage

Absolutely..100%...YES!!! Come on people, who gives a rip they left. This rivalry should have never been stopped. Period. Purge that brick fro your arse and let’s go watch the Hawks beat up on Misery for a good cause. Rock Chalk!!!

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