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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams a fast learner and runner

Would LOVE to see some toss sweeps for Pooka. Even some option.

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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams, through the eyes of a Louisiana high school football fan

ESPN+ for $4.99 a month. It’s how I watched Pooka do his thing against CM last Saturday.

Seperately, this kid is really special. I’m about to date myself but, the last time I saw that combination of speed, vision and cutting ability was Kerwin Bell. Stay healthy and eligible Pooka! I’ll be at the game to watch him and, Reesing go into the ring. Rock Chalk!

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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams worth price of admission

Never heard Michael suggest one player cost us the game against Nicholls. In fact if you watched the game you know that wasn’t the case at all. But the talent that Pooka obviously brings to the table certainly could have helped us regardless of win or lose. That (I believe) is what he was saying. No excuse for losing that first game regardless though. In your fourth year of coaching a program you have to win that game at home no less and we didn’t. So, let’s go get #2 against Rutgers and support the players and Reesing’s ring of honor regardless of what you think of the staff. Rock Chalk!!

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Tom Keegan: Are expectations placed on this KU basketball team fair?

If what we see on paper fully translates to what we see on the court; I’m in general agreement. I struggle with being disappointed with a team not making the Final 4 or not winning the NC because of what TG is essentially trying to get across in this article. I always say I would be disappointed for them but not in them. If that makes sense...Rock Chalk!!

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Unresolved Kansas QB competition seemingly headed toward conclusion

Exactly Jay. In fact there’s one going on a couple hours West of us and odd, he’s not in a rush either. And NO, I’m not comparing programs, coaches or anything other than the specific scenario. Here’s the fun part; DB knows exactly who will be his starting QB, he simply isn’t telling us. His prerogative dudes. I’m hoping the team is very successful this year and grabs more W’s than expected simply for the sake of the players that are busting their hump.

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KU football adds 4 offensive linemen to 2018 roster

Mr. Ed, he’s simply saying just because they look the part doesn’t mean they can pull the cart. So, until they practice and perform on Saturdays if deemed worthy, they ultimately wont know if the horse can indeed pull the cart. That’s what I got out of it.

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Nick Reid, James McClinton, Charles Gordon deserving of ultimate KU football honor And I’m a Chip fan as he was a tough gritty QB for us but, Ring of Honor; no. IMO

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KU defensive lineman Isi Holani arrested on suspicion of DUI

I think Matt is spot on actually. If you can’t see it by reading the words, look between them. Last time I checked, texting while driving is illegal, speeding is illegal, and if you don’t think you’ll pay the price for killing someone for having a tire blow because it was bald, think again. The point, I believe, is that no matter what caused the taking of a life, if it’s because you chose to do something that in the end killed someone, it doesn’t matter what caused it, but that a decision you chose to make, caused it. That’s how I interpret Matt’s post. Should there be disciplinary action? Yes. What should it be? Not for you or I to decide.

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