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Tom Keegan: Cyclones in a blowout; Jayhawks in a tailspin

Agree that Bender is a good kid but, your right; he doesn’t look confident, he doesn’t play confident and he doesn’t lead. Play Stanley.

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Tom Keegan: Cyclones in a blowout; Jayhawks in a tailspin

Sure Steve, and brussel sprouts are better than asparagus, turkey bacon than tofu, etc., etc.. In other words, that reference is meaningless.

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Tom Keegan: Self fields Adidas questions without sweating

You can play with the words all you want to and leave doubt in the minds of Kansas fans as Tom does here; that’s his job. But I’m confident that with a basketball program as prominent as Kansas is and with a new $191MM deal...we would have known way before now if we were in deep sh!@

I trust in Self. Rock Chalk!! Beat Missouri!

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KU fans split on idea of Border War scrimmage

Absolutely..100%...YES!!! Come on people, who gives a rip they left. This rivalry should have never been stopped. Period. Purge that brick fro your arse and let’s go watch the Hawks beat up on Misery for a good cause. Rock Chalk!!!

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Khalil Herbert rushed for 291 yards and didn't win Big 12 weekly honor

Of those listed, Kerwin Bell is the best I've had the opportunity to see (Sayers is obviously the best, I'm just not old enough to have seen hm play). Before Kerwin got hurt he was something to watch. My next "got to see play" favorites would be Sands, Cornish and Cromwell. My overall would be Sayers. World class talent he was. Good stuff and certainly dissapointing Herbert didn't win. He deserved it. Rock Chalk!!

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Tom Keegan: OC Doug Meacham wise to tap brakes on KU offense

Damned if you do, damned if you don't coach. Keep sawing wood. Your in year three and still ~10 scholarships down based on what you were given. Bring these guys around and show some improvement and we'll be fine. Rock Chalk!!

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Is KU football better or worse in 2017? (KU Sports Hour)

Can we let more than 2 games play out before we have to comment on the moronic title of this podcast?

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Following loss, David Beaty declares need for balance in KU's offense

Carter has a broken bone in his hand. You won't be seeing him for awhile. I'm all for giving Starks a shot.

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