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Jayhawks understand no quick fixes exist for Lance Leipold's rebuilding project

Here here Michael!!! Only losers suggest there’s no hope….Rock Chalk!!

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PFF highlights key players for KU football in 2021 preview magazine

The last 12 years have truly sucked for Kansas doubt. Of those 12 years, Les did the best to at least set a foundation, build a team from high school kids and build a program, but even he screwed up as we all know.

With those two sentences now written, I'm leaving the ghosts and the past of the last 12 years of Kansas football behind and only focusing on the future and the already positive vibes from HCLL and staff. I think we finally got the head coach hire right. A no nonsense, down and dirty, no flash football coach. One that has a history of success on the field, been able to keep a staff in place, recruit and coach (players, staff, game day, e tc.). And early updates are showing this staff will be able to recruit at this level as well.

The program seems to be on solid footing and I'm as excited as I have been in a long time to get back into Memorial and see this team play some football. Godspeed HCLL, staff and team as you solidify the foundation and move the program forward.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

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A day earlier than expected, Creighton transfer Christian Bishop picks Texas over KU, UNC

Certifiable mental. Y’all get it..........well, all but one......

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The Kansas basketball postseason résumé is starting to look pretty stout

I have to agree Dan. Looking forward to watching this kid play ball in Lawrence. Steve, appreciate the link. It’s well worth the ~17 minutes to watch.

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Jayhawks use productive Monday to reset focus for rest of the season

Nobody’s panicking, it’s not defense, their not spiraling, it’s not a lack of heart (please, work as hard as they are and show me no heart after your ass is picked up off the floor). Leadership, certainly a possibility (Marcus could be the leader), nice pieces but no TEAM, certainly, no Dok or Dot, absolutely. Down year all around college basketball, yep. A handful of more senior laden experienced teams killing it, yep. Still in the hunt, why not. This team will get better, find their way, and make a decent run. Looking forward to the process we rarely have to go through to see how it all works out. That’s my take. Rock Chalk!!!

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KU home game with Iowa State postponed because of COVID-19 protocol issues at ISU

I don’t know that I agree, but I also don’t care. Before this all settles somewhat, it’s going to have been a jacked up couple years. It is what it is.

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KU home game with Iowa State postponed because of COVID-19 protocol issues at ISU

Some empathy from Bryce.........there is hope! ; -) Couldn’t agree more BL.

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Kansas freshman Bryce Thompson has surgery on broken finger, exact timetable for return unknown

Couldn't agree more Steve. Unintentional or not, you don't get to dive on top of a kids head going for a ball where a scrum for the ball has already started. It should have been a called foul. That could have been much worse than a broken thumb. Take care Bryce, heal up and look forward to seeing you back on the floor.

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Getting to know: West Virginia basketball

Really Shane, you take the mountaineers!? : -) Look, I don’t doubt this will be a very tough game, but at least call your home town boys in the Field House to win, even if by two. Come on man.....I’m calling Hawks by 3. RCJH!!

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