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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Take the gloves off and go down fighting at this point!! Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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KU great Paul Pierce interested in H-O-R-S-E idea for ESPN

I say let the Helms Foundation decide this!! ; -)

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Deposition alleges Long planned to fire Beaty before 2018 season began

Joe, I agree with you with the exception of what Beaty is owed. Regardless of whether we feel he's worthy, and he's not (agree with your there), he is deserving of whatever was contractually agreed to. If it's proven he is, then pay him, if not, then don't and let's get on down the road. In general, I'm in the camp of many posters on this topic in that we should have just paid him, cut bait, and moved on, rather than dragging the University through more crap of which we already have plenty to deal with.

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KU junior Marcus Garrett named Naismith Defensive Player of the Year

I think Marcus has grown as a player as much as anyone over the last 10 years that's played for the Jayhawks. I know he's taken as much flak as anyone over the last 10 years. What perseverance and dedication to improving his craft (shooting included). He's a different kind of stud so to speak, but a stud nonetheless. Congrats to you Marcus, you earned it.

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Lawrence High junior Devin Neal commits to play 2 sports at KU

Or Crimson...... ; -)

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Bill Self willing to rest Jayhawks if needed during Big 12 tourney week

DM, you could see coach going North to help better position Baylor!? Not hardly!!

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High school-heavy 2020 recruiting class the latest reason to be intrigued by the future of Kansas football

Brett, I don’t disagree. And certainly not pinning it on one person as many are responsible. My only cover for Beaty was that he tried hard to get JUCOs with three years of eligibility in place. He definitely caved in his last class. Hopefully not as many Miles to go with how Les is running the show. Rock Chalk!!

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High school-heavy 2020 recruiting class the latest reason to be intrigued by the future of Kansas football

Weis totally f’d us the most in my opinion and I believe the #s above show it. Would love to have Matt dive in deeper and show how many actually even played, how many even showed up on the roster, who played a vital role and who was a 3 year JC vs. 2. Regardless, Les and crew are doing it the right way because he knows he’s been given the time to get it done right. In Les I trust. Rock Chalk!!

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Texas prep OL Armaj Adams-Reed joins KU football's 2020 class

The reality of it is the majority of our recruits will be 3 stars with a sprinkling of 4’s and maybe an occasional 5. And look at that, the majority of this class is 3’s (76%), 4’s (4%) and 2’s (20%). It was no different under Mangino when we were having successful years of football and going to the Orange Bowl. I look at 5 and 4’s as definitely next level (top tier) recruits. I look at 3 and 2’s as almost interchangeable based on how this staff will recruit, and 1’s as major projects. And don’t feed me this Beaty recruited better BS. Can we not give this staff a chance to create relationships with recruits and see what they can really do in the next couple years with some additional success on the field in the form of Ws? I can. In Les I trust. Rock Chalk!!

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