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Continuity expected to benefit KU O-line, with lack of 2019 signees

I love offensive linemen, but frankly 18 is too many. No need to sign any more with those numbers. Les should see if any of them have the mentality to play on the D-line because he's going to need some bodies there. Not nearly enough size or depth on the D-Line.

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KU target Dajuan Harris continues summer surge at Peach Jam

My question is, he's graduated from HS and has an offer from KU. Why is he wanting to go to a prep school? The only reason would be that he's not enamored with KU. KU hasn't gotten a single player out of Sunrise. Not sure the issue.

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'This is where I want to be': Clint Bowen provides continuity for KU football

Fine guy. Definitely bleeds crimson and blue. No proof he can coach. Going a 100 mph the wrong direction doesn't get you any closer to the finish line. You forget one of the main reasons the coaching staff changed every 3 years was because of the guys he recruited and coached. And I prefer M & M's. BTW, let me know where I can send your rose colored glasses.

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3-star PG from Missouri picks up offer from Kansas

Quick question, if he has already graduated from HS and has an offer from us, we still have a scholarship for this year, then couldn't he come here now if he wanted? Seems to me if he wanted to be here then he'd already be here.

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'This is where I want to be': Clint Bowen provides continuity for KU football

Continuity as in continuously bad???? Since when is continuity a good thing when you haven't won in a decade? Continuity is what you don't want.

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2020 Kansas target sets announcement date

Sounds like a VA commit

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Former Kansas guard Quentin Grimes headed to Houston, reportedly seeking immediate eligibility

First,I have no inside information, but just because a player played doesn't mean he wasn't mistreated or treated egregiously. Those two are not synonymous. Second, the whole idea that a player has to sit out at all is just wrong and fair. Players should be allowed to transfer without penalty. Players get screwed all the time. I agree with Jay Bilas, players are just employees with bad non-compete agreements. Most non-competes are struck down, but players have no options, and yes, I used to practice employment law including non-competes.

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3-star New Orleans DE Khari Coleman commits to KU football

The real question is "Can we keep them?" I certainly hope so.

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Jalen Wilson decision coming soon?

Wednesday at 3:00 pm according to his twitter page.

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Why one college football expert thinks KU football will struggle in Les Miles' 1st season

Really, KU is going to struggle in football. Next thing you will tell us the earth is round, the sun rises in the east and the moon isn't made of green cheese.

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