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Notre Dame linebacker to transfer to KU

It's so funny how people keep blaming Turner Gill for all of our term oil. People still don't realize that he played Mangino's recruits because he only got about two years of recruiting in. Even the best coaches out there weren't going to have success with the talent we had the last two years. Once we start winning games, Weis will get all of the credit (which he should get a majority of it) and people will ignore the fact that a lot of the players out there were TG's. I'm sure my comment will get deleted for saying this, but stop blaming the black man and start blaming the fat man!

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

I believe it was totally unnecessary for you to rip on Travis. He struggled yesterday because he was put out of his comfort zone. When KU struggled to score Travis was forced to shoot shots he normally would never take. I am thankful that he hit his free throws when they mattered and it is no easy task guarding Marcus Denmon late in a game. Otherwise you made some very valid points in your post.

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

trojanhawk never said Miami was in the SEC.

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Veritas Christian's Preston Randall will walk on for KU football

Does anyone remember HCCC at Notre Dame? How did that work out again? Get off Gills back and stfu.

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Tyshawn Taylor tries to shoulder blame

You're* Now who is the idiot?

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Oklahoma knocks off KU women in OT, 74-68


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Two more in Class of 2012 pick Kansas

Shut your mouth, ahpersecoachingecperience. Gill would be bringing in the same level of high school/juco recruits. The only thing HCCW has done differently is bring in three "former" 5 star recruits. Not saying that's a bad thing, but TG recruited very well at KU. It seems you always have some uneducated comment to make towards TG. It has gotten really old.

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Filling the gaps: Weis seeks jucos, transfers to bolster KU's roster

Robert Gregory is very interested in KU. #12 QB on

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3 more junior college football prospects commit to Kansas

Are you high? Darrian Miller himself tweeted he officially is no longer a Kansas Jayhawk.

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Bill Self meets with President in Osawatomie

My apologies sir.

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