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Former KU player Marcus Morris cited for misdemeanor battery

:( I love when the guys come back to support the team but I wish they'd set a good example when they do. They are no longer under Self's authority but authority, in general, still stands.

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

Every year I think I can't possibly love the next season's team as much as the current one...and every year I'm wrong. When the twins left I was heartbroken. I thought there wasn't a chance to adore this team quite as much...wrong again! I'm sure blessed to be a Jayhawk!

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Bench-clearing rout: Ex-walk-on Jordan Juenemann hits for 7, career high

I was at the game and the Thomas Robinson bit (pop-up video) was hilarious! Everyone stood up and gave a huge appreciative applause. Fun game! There is no place like AFH.

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FINAL: Davidson upsets KU, 80-74

I concur! *applause* Some expect a coach who never has an upset...good luck with that! Coach Self isn't perfect; I don't know of a perfect coach, or person for that matter. However, I wouldn't trade him for anyone! This team does not have the depth that we've had in the past, yet a perfect season is expected? It's going to be a tough season...we're going to get mad, a lot I'm sure, but the love em'/win and hate em'/loss attitudes are horrendous. It's ok to get frustrated and drop an f-bomb, or a dozen, but support your team. I hope that a ridiculous loss, like tonight, will strengthen us for upcoming games. Until next time, ROCK CHALK!

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FINAL: Davidson upsets KU, 80-74

HUGE +1.

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FINAL: Davidson upsets KU, 80-74


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FINAL: Davidson upsets KU, 80-74

Some "fans" fail to remember that these guys are college kids. If they play well, they are BEAST...if not, they should immediately be benched, possibly removed from the team. Oh, and Coach Self should be fired, too. WTH? It was a loss...a sloppy one. A downright horrible performance....but really? I share in the disappointment but I prefer to support my team; some of the frustrations are ridiculously out of hand.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach


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