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Self says Kansas guard Marcus Garrett 'doing better' after suffering ankle injury vs. Villanova

I covered my eyes when he went down. Even though we didn't win and lost the #1 ranking (I could care less about it), I'm happy the injury appears to be minor. Agree with Thomas. We need you Marcus. Heal fast.

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Lawrence native and former KU catcher Kent Shelley notches 1,000th career coaching win at JCCC

Having graduated from Lawrence High School in '78, as well, I enjoyed watching coach Shelley at LHS. Just happy for his success. He was always nice to me when were in high school. Continued success, my friend.

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Future Jayhawk Quentin Grimes shines, teams with Romeo Langford to lead Home team to victory at Jordan Brand Classic

Romeo is unbelievable! He is like a Wiggins. KU will certainly be expected to win it all, if Langford signs with KU. Crossing my fingers. Rock Chalk!

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Remember Devonte’ Graham’s foul out vs. Villanova? Now, you make the call(s)

Yeah, talk about some questionable calls. Unfortunately, Devonte was unlucky on most of those foul calls. And. . . . the fifth foul? I was so upset that he got called for that foul---upset with the call-not upset at Devonte-it took me a long time to get over that. Easy to say that the Jayhawks got hosed in that game. Totally agree with you, Stephen. Water underneath the bridge---hopefully, moving on for a little payback!

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Game day Breakdown: No. 1 seed KU basketball vs. No. 5 seed Clemson

Robert: Totally agree. I have lots of K-State brothers & sisters. Happy for the Wildkitties, for sure. Coach Cal and his team not shaking hands with K-State after the game--NOT SURPRISING. I am sure some of the Kentucky players were muttering, "On to the NBA," as they were walking back to their locker room.

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The rocky, yet rewarding, evolution of KU's Malik Newman

Great article, Matt. I have been puzzled throughout the season about Malik. Listening to coach Self, he is a good athlete and really good guy. So, I knew Malik would put it all together, at some point. Just hope it gets us to San Antonio. Rock Chalk!

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The rocky, yet rewarding, evolution of KU's Malik Newman

I saw the spot where Frank was talking about Parents and sportsmanship. I can relate. I have coached before and have dealt with parents that bring their stupid complaints. Boy, do I know what you're talking about, Frank---all to well.

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Special Senior: Graham's big performance carries Jayhawks past Penn

"Best performance since Sherron Collins in 2009, scoring 32 points in a First! Round game." Wow! Graham is THE MAN. Silenced Mr. Davis, of CBS, who predicted a Quaker win over the Jayhawks----NUFF SAID. Good luck guys--go get the Hall.

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Freshman Silvio De Sousa irreplaceable as KU tops WVU in Big 12 title game

Man, I can't stop thinking San Antonio---as soon as I say that, just hope we don't run into a brick wall at the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. These guys have a ton of confidence right now---that's a good thing, right? ROCK CHALK!

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Azubuike-less Jayhawks advance past OSU in Big 12 tournament

THANK GOD FOR MALIK NEWMAN! Wow, I didn't see this coming. This is a confidence builder when we don't have Dok in the game. Dare I get these dreams of chasing a National Championship, in San Antonio????????? Coach Self, please keep me focused---Wildkitties are next up.

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