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Katie O’Connor returns to KU women’s basketball staff

Lmao! According to you the TEAM does not need any other guards. Your entire post is saying Angel did it all by herself! Why does it matter if the other guards coming in are as good as Angel, the TEAM does not need them. Angel is the TEAM all by herself, at the sound of the whistle she tipped the ball to herself, caught the ball, dribbled, passed, shot, rebounded ALL BY HERSELF! What a amazing player! IMO your a little off base. Angel is a good player but sorry can't give ALL credit to her, RGIII and whoever else play a TEAM sport for winning. If that was the case Delle Donne would have beat our team all by herself.

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Katie O’Connor returns to KU women’s basketball staff

This is a joke. They did not win before while Katie O'Connor was previously on the coaching staff, why would things keep looking up for the future for the program rehiring her? It seems that the two previous coaches who left made the big difference with the program. Why not bring in someone who has a better resume or was there no other applicants interested? Well, it was a good ride this season. I am afraid to say but back to the WNIT.

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