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KU to look into 'ways to improve' procedures for Late Night

where is LJW / keegan editorial on this issue?

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KU to look into 'ways to improve' procedures for Late Night

tickets = resale market = $tubhub

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Reed game-winner highlights annual KU alumni classic

scooter barry???!!! are you kidding me??? nice!

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

dude what do you think KU stands for? old timers call it Kansas University. i'm a legacy alum and my mom writes her donation checks to Kansas University. are you disrespecting my mother? i don't think you would do that.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

ma & pa wiggins are fsu alums and pushing hard for their son to be a seminole legacy. if hiring dad is an option, it should be on the table everywhere. hard for me to think that dad would go anywhere but his alma mater, based on what i've read.

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Notebook: Michigan's Mitch McGary on low blow: 'It was intentional'

have a really hard time figuring that the low blow was intentional. what purpose could it serve? of course if you get hit in the junk by someone you will think it's intentional!

ej made some weird decisions again and I was really disappointed at first, but he's human and he's a jayhawk. basketball helps bring us together as jayhawks but there is so much more in life than just basketball. so let's stick together and move on to many more fun-filled seasons to come.

paul pierce's twitter comment makes me proud to be a jayhawk. i am just as proud today as I was yesterday. rcjh

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Opinion: This KU loss looks, sounds different than others

reality check

point guard. it sucks, but ej has to go. statistically, he's a mess. i think he's a head case, big time. tk, you point out some nice comments he made yesterday, but great leaders are not born overnight, and this guy has had 3+ years and has apprenticed with some of the best (sherron, tt). comes off as saying what he thinks people want to hear. the one thing he said that did make sense..."results." his results? disaster, and he's had all the time in the world to figure it out. to be clear, the only thing that matters -- the only thing -- is results. W's and not L's. period. not post-game comments.

ej lacks sound judgement about when to shoot and when to pass. he's dished while driving instead of drawing fouls, taken poor shots when the lane was clear instead of driving hard for the easy layup, given up open 3's at crunch time, and hoisted 3's with 20 seconds on the shot clock mid-game. he seems to be missing explosiveness on drives and rebound attempts. meanwhile tharpe looks much more like he's got his head in the game when he's on the floor. anyway, enough of the annecdotes, the numbers over the 3 losses to osu, tcu, and ou:

min fgm fga fg% ftm ast to ast/to pts pts/min
ej 101 9 37 24% 3 11 10 1.1:1 26 .257
avg 33.7 3 12.3 1 3.7 3.3 8.7

nt 66 8 27 30% 6 8 4 2:1 26 .394
avg 22 2.7 9 2 2.7 1.3 8.7

the formatting is screwing the table up bigtime, but here's the takeaway: despite 2/3 of the playing time, tharpe has as many points, and twice as many made free throws, while sporting a fg% that's 25% greater than ej, an assist-to-turnover ratio that's nearly double, and scoring points at a 50% greater pace than ej.

draw your own conclusions about who should handle the ball.

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Opinion: Could KU be too nice?

best comment ever.

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