Comment history will be your online host for Friday's "Shooting for the Stars" KU basketball 3-point contest

Anyone know of an avenue to watch from Tulsa, OK? Or know if it will be taped and broadcasted at a later time on Youtube or KUsports, etc??

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 3 Kansas vs. Iowa State

As good as Baylor is this year, and even with how they outplayed us at both ends of the court at the Fieldhouse, I still have a good feeling about Saturday's game in Waco. Not sure where that confidence is coming from, because I'm always nervous for KU's big games, but this feels different. I think KU has something to prove this time, which doesn't happen a lot. I really think we'll see the best all around play of the season from the Jayhawks on Saturday. Should be a great game!

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KU appears to be planning a 1990s throwback uniform game vs. Oklahoma this weekend

I live in Oklahoma,so I use the #IHateOklahoma tag a ton!

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KU appears to be planning a 1990s throwback uniform game vs. Oklahoma this weekend

Man, I miss these jerseys! Wish we'd get them back on a permanent basis! Although, any jersey they wear is cool to me, hah! I like the JAYHAWKS in cursive on the front too. But growing up with the late 80's/90's jerseys, IMO they are the best college basketball jerseys in the country. RCJHGKU!!!!

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KU coach Bill Self always thrilled to see longtime Cowboys coach Eddie Sutton

I live in the Tulsa area, and have had the fortune to meet Coach Sutton a couple times at fundraisers. He did have his issue with alcohol, and he has battles it his whole life. But as for his coaching and personal skills, there are not too many better than him. He was always generous with his time, shook so many hands, told so many of the same stories I'm sure he gets tired of telling....but he did anyway. Met him and Ted Owens at a benefit for local cancer centers, and the knowledge and history those 2 have is unbelievable! Sutton deserves to be in the HOF, I just hope they do it soon, while he can still tell those old Bball stories!

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Pick 6: Best bets for Week 3 of college football

I'm with you on Arkansas State. I saw that line earlier this week and couldn't believe it. UGA is definitely a top 5 team, but just historically they don't run up the score on anyone. And ArkSt is not a horrible team. I also think Kansas State is going to give Miss St all they can handle, if not beat them out right. Thanks for the column, it's always a fun read!

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Pick 6: Best bets for 1st full weekend of football

Just a correction....Ok State is not playing South Dakota State. They play McNeese. And Oklahoma is playing South Dakota.

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty could leave scholarship situation roughly same as one he inherited

Tom isn't paid to pamper anyone. Beatty deserves everything he's getting. His seat should be on fire!

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'Group of Five' countdown: 10 'Power Five'-ready coaches — No. 10: Blake Anderson, Arkansas State

I agree with Les Miles. You want a Nat'l presence in recruiting and media coverage? GET HIM HERE!!

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