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Withey signs with Pelicans

Very bizarre. Outright false statement, indeed. What's your beef with Buick?

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KU football announces 2013 schedule

Comment of the day nominee

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KU’s Bill Self not quite so road-weary this summer

Funny. Mugshot indeed.

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Hidden highlights: Scout team duties, dunks prep Traylor, McLemore for ‘12-13

Agree 100% with the starters.

I think you're underestimating where Tharpe is. I believe he'll be solidly in the rotation, playing the point 15-20 minutes a game. EJ, as much as he showed he CAN play the point this season, he's not a point guard, and I see him sharing PG duties with Tharpe nearly 50/50. Watching Tharpe during games he appeared to me to be always positioned near coach and very involved during timeouts, etc. Hard to know from a fan's perspective whether someone is being "groomed", but that's how I've perceived his role this year. Also, when he's been in the game, his defensive intensity appears Self-like, which bodes well for minutes.

How much White gets on the court as the 5th guard will depend on his defense, IMO.

It would appear that we'll be likely to play 4 bigs this year: Withey, Ellis, Young, and Traylor or Peters (love to see these guys battling for this spot in practice). If Parker comes he probably moves into the 3rd spot in the bigs rotation and Traylor and Peters are on the sidelines this year.

5 guards and 4 bigs in the rotation is "deep" for a recent Self team, but given that there appears to be more parity on next year's roster (assuming newcomers are what I think they are) we'll probably see more balanced playing time with EJ and Releford both playing fewer minutes than they saw their junior seasons.

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Expect big things from KU duo

1) EJ
2) Releford
3) BMac
4) Ellis
5) Withey

6) Tharpe
6.5) Parker goes here if he comes
7) Young
7) White
9) Traylor

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Tiger coach laments War’s end

That rebounding foul call on Thomas was the worst call of the game and was a huge, huge swing which took points off the board for KU, and, I think, directly led to the big cushion Mizzou built in the last 6 minutes of the first half.

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Talking Tim Tebow: Ex-Jayhawk Chris Harris happy to have quarterback on his side in Denver

(spits coffee all over computer screen)

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Recap: The Jayhawks' best two-point shooters this year are ...

True that a foul doesn't impact the shooter's percentage directly, but a "good" foul prevents an easy basket from existing and thus robs the shooter of the would-be improvement to his percentage.

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Rough and ready: ‘Intense’ Jayhawks trip KSU

Top 25 to KSU: Don't the door hit you in the ar$e on the way out

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Defensive lineman Keon Stowers commits to KU

Can you back that up with any facts? Though he had some pretty apparent weaknesses (i.e. winning games), most are of the the opinion that recruiting wasn't one of them. You're aparently pretty excited about the new coaching regime--so am I, but what's the point in playing revisionist to dance on TG's grave, there's plenty of legit fodder if that's your thing. The name-calling bothers me on a fan site among friendlies. It lacks class, decency, common sense.

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