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4-star center Mady Sissoko visiting KU this weekend

6-8 225 is a decent 3 man these days. 225 would have normally be a good starting point for an incoming new recruit under Hudy's program. A 6-10/11 225 post guy these days is much more useful with the trend of wings being taller and lankier. Yes, he has been a good shot blocker. But, with competition like the KU schedule presents, 6-8 is a challenge to be considered if his strength is fundamentally defense.

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Highlights from Tuesday’s KU basketball camp scrimmage

So comforting to see Dok on the court!

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Recent roster additions send Kansas climbing in national preseason polls

Bill Self has succumbed to the new reality of college basketball recruiting and personnel management. He resisted, in his own way, long enough but had to throw out the recruiting bible and jump in the pool in order to remain competitive. Yeah, we look to next year and worry about players who might leave and who will be gone through the natural attrition process. But, that's the old testament. Live for today is the motto that winning programs must adopt. Just a few weeks ago, many of us were hanging our heads at the thought of having a worse team and season than last year. Today's players want to showcase their talents and want to play with others that have similar styles of play. It's not like the past wen recruiting was all about making a decision that would be a four year commitment and the team would be enhanced by adding even one talented player per year. Now, guys are signing on where they dependent on others in many cases. It takes a coach like HCBS to put the right blend of talent together on every play now and the heavy rotation will become like the NBA in order to put other teams away. We've had a deep bench in the past and we've had a limited group of bench guys to rotate. In both cases the results were made possible by the true talent of one man. I worried sometimes if we had too much talent and it would be hard to limit PT for some guys and if the rotation would present too little fluidity. Those things work themselves out when you have a team full of guys that are interested in winning for the their team and not running up their numbers. Hopefully, in today's landscape, the team will come first. It must be that way and the coaching staff should be insistent about that wile encouraging personal skills to be maximized.

I'm excited!

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

At least we didn't have a daddy being quoted and appearing to be the ringleader in this matter! Without that piece, it felt more like Quentin was calling the shots and not having to use his daddy as a hype man. Support is great at that age, but when it starts producing quotes to the media such as Hampton's dad "...we're not going back to high school...", etc., most people lose the "spirit" of a college-aged kid making decisions either well or poorly.

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

He left his mark on our program this year. But, the mark was not what it should or could have been. Regardless, the Vick departure had more of an impact on the season than the under-achievements of Grimes. Would he be better on the 2019-2020 Jayhawk team? probably not with the SDS return as well as a healthy Dok and an improved McCormack. Not to mention the infusion of new blood. Ochai probably had a better year than Grimes in many ways and can only get better too. He was in a slot that many have occupied in the past and left for new horizons. It will be interesting to see where he lands and how he is utilized. If KJ Lawson was able to find a new team in Tulane, with his late/post season improvements, Grimes may find himself hard-pressed to end up somewhere other than the likes of Creighton or even a St. Louis Univ.

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R.J. Hampton sets date for college announcement

Who are the players at the other schools on his list who are "on the fence" that he would be waiting to hear about? Most of us probably had not been too optimistic about Silvio's return, so that could have added some edge for him to lean elsewhere, Hope not. And I don't forsee any redshirts being possible to make room if we get to that point.

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5-star forward Precious Achiuwa commits to Memphis

Memphis just lost it's AD. Many believe his leaving wasn't exactly his resigning as he indicated. The program revolves around Hardaway who had some AAU controversy a couple od years ago. Don't recall the details. He became a high school coach and was successful at that level. His appeal to these recruits is that he is 46 years old and left the NBA 12 years ago but he relates to them? His ties to the NBA probably aren't that strong. I doubt if there are many coaches still around whom he had relationships with and few players as well. Danny Manning has better credentials than Hardaway and isn't getting these types of recruits. One has to wonder the reason a guy would pick a program like Memphis to spend his only year playing college ball for a second year head coach who is untested in many ways. Penny is a great ambassador for the City of Memphis and the University, having played there. But, gathering a stable of guys who have had success to some degree in high school and a couple of transfers who were not their team's standouts doesn't create a guaranteed "team" effort that could go far in post-season or even the regular schedule. There must be some draw for these guys and we can only speculate at this point.

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Former Jayhawk Lagerald Vick lands workout with Charlotte Hornets

Should we deduce that the issues that forced him to leave KU are now behind him and he has the flexibility and time to devote to this effort? How fortunate, timing wise, if this is true.
Wish him the best in his journey. Just would have been better, selfishly, for KU nation if he could have concluded his outside matters earlier and returned to the team and then concentrated on this current project. Water under the bridge in any regard.

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KU point guard Devon Dotson declares for NBA draft, ready to go all-in on 'information-seeking quest'

Devonte was sent down to the G-League for a number of games and he was basically heads and shoulders better than most of the other players who were on the court. This should tell these kids something. Where was Devonte in the draft and his talent allowed him to be so much better than guys who were struggling in the G-League just to survive in that world? Even making it through the Combine and possibly on a Summer League team will expose the need for more coaching and development that they were fortunate enough to have had in Bill Self.

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KU point guard Devon Dotson declares for NBA draft, ready to go all-in on 'information-seeking quest'

First of all, I love the kid. The Big 12 needs talent like him, Kansas has flourished with talent like his. But, does his dad really think he can defend Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Damien Lillard or a host of others? There needs to be a second tier league separate from the G-League for players where they can develop and prepare for life with the 90 game schedule that requires at least two years at the college level. Then, if they can survive and compete, they can be drafted onto NBA teams. The G-League should only be a minor league of sorts that funnels players on and off of rosters as needed after they have been in the second tier league. The NBA has become diluted, in my opinion, with players who are not worthy of that level and/or compensation. As the game changes, players have become less involved in the dynamics of the sport and more about the spectacle of the moment. It has now trickled down to the college level where the team is less important than the individual, witnessed by these reactions to the new rules changes. It's making it hard for fans to support a program when the team is not truly a team that is committed to the effort of building and maintaining the program's history and reputation.

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