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Column: KU's shortcomings showed throughout loss at WVU

Had either Mason or Oubre taken the pass from Traylor, the ball would have gone down.

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Column: KU playing with fire while shooting lights out

Tech players lost last night's game because of their, "fat little girlfriends". Thanks Mike, a classic.

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Jayhawks go wild over Garrett’s goal

I'm happy Ellis has God on his side because he's going to need him big time for
our road games.

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Jayhawks speak their minds following blowout

I'll tell you who has passion, fire, strength & determination - it's the folks who post here. They are angry. Can't blame 'em. We all take it personally win KU plays poorly. I've been following KU hoops since the 50's and had lots of disappointments. My advice - just take a deep breath, relax, and give yourself some time to get over it. We will survive and get better. What matters most now is that we show our support for this young team that has only played two games. We are all Jayhawks, and we want desperately to win, but these kids just took a big hit to their pride, ego and their status as elite college players. I know it's hard, but let's show them a little love. They need
our support.

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Coaches recall moments at historic Allen Fieldhouse

As a senior, I was at the first game in March, 1955. We beat K-State, of course. I believe there was a lottery for student tickets. After three years of watching the team play on a stage at Hoch Auditorium, it was a thrill to walk into the new field house. My only regret is that I've never been back for a game.

Tom Richmond
Class of 1955

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Everybody's an expert — Some predict deep Kansas March run; others, not so much

If Tharpe can play like Sherron and not EJ, we have a shot.

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Joel Embiid to miss next two KU games

I was surprised Marcus didn't get an Oscar Sunday night.

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Jayhawks: Embiid definitely ‘beat up’

For the first three quarters of the K-State game our offense stood around like Chinese Terracotta Warriors. They finally got some urgency in the 4th
but the Wildcats still out-hustled them. Would Coach Self please stop the cross-court lob pass? Three things can happen – all bad. 1. Pass gets to our
guy with plenty of time for the defense to get in his face. 2. Lob pass goes out of bounds. 3. Lob pass is intercepted and they score. Never let a cross-court lob pass happen again – get Direct TV.

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KU hoops schedule rated toughest

My dad first took me to Municipal Auditorium in 1946 for a NAIA national tournament game. For a 13 year-old it was an experience never to be forgotten.
The building, the crowds, the cheering, the bands were all new to me. In 1947, the coach of Indiana State refused an invitation to take his team to the tournament because the NAIA did not allow African-American players. The following year the NAIA was the first organization to open their tournament to black athletes and the same coach brought, Clarence Walker, the first black athlete to play in the post season. By the way, they won. Oh, and the coach's name - John Wooden. The NAIA tournament was established by another familiar
name - James Naismith. Speaking of "TJ" and concrete, remember his paving of Brush Creek started the upscale real estate development of the Country Club Plaza.

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Former KU basketball champion Dean Smith to receive Medal of Freedom

Dean was a classmate of mine and I have always admired him. In the early 60's at the beginning of the civil rights movement, he recruited Charlie Scott, the first African American scholarship player at UNC. He also promoted equal treatment for African Americans with the local business community. If you don't think that took courage, then you are too young to remember the bitter resentment of white people toward blacks at that time, particularly in the south. North Carolina had one of the largest and most active Klu Klux Klan memberships in the U.S. Dean is remembered for his winning basketball record, running a clean program and graduating over 96% of his players, but he is receiving the Freedom Medal for promoting equal rights for African Americans when it conflicted with the public attitude in North Carolina.

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