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KU freshman Latrell Jossell to wear No. 4 with the Jayhawks

Separate category. Like Ostertag.
We're talking the single 0 with that first group.

Darrell Arthur, Norm Cook and Ostertag would be the trio for 00. Pretty solid. But not quite as powerful as those lists above in terms of national honors, NBA draft standing and KU's all-time lists.

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Three-star Georgia linebacker commits to Kansas football

Good call. We caught that in the story about Simpson committing a couple of weeks ago, but I just copied and pasted that bottom part for this story and forgot to update it.

It's fixed now. Thanks!

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KU freshman Gethro Muscadin to wear No. 35 with the Jayhawks

Couldn't agree more, Tony... about sports and sports reporting potentially being changed forever. At least in some ways. I'll pass along your suggestion to my bosses, too. ;-)

Appreciate the kind words and your contributions to our site.

All the best!

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KU freshman Gethro Muscadin to wear No. 35 with the Jayhawks

Kind of you to say, Brett. I appreciate it.

That's always been my approach and it's not always liked by everyone. But as long as they're paying me to do the job, I'm going to do the best job I possibly can while trying to have some fun and make things interesting along the way!

Thanks for reading and for the note. Stay safe out there!

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KU freshman Gethro Muscadin to wear No. 35 with the Jayhawks

Thanks, Dane. It's been an interesting time, but we've still got a paper to fill and a website to run and, believe it or not, we have some fun stuff planned for the weeks ahead.

We appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment!

Hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

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Juco transfer Tyon Grant-Foster to wear No. 1 with Kansas

Great question. And time will tell. But I think they love how his skills fit into their system and believe he can be a big time player because of his age, ability and athleticism.

He's not going to average 20 ppg for Kansas, but he can still have a major impact even with modest numbers.

He's one of many intriguing individuals on this 2020-21 roster.

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Juco transfer Tyon Grant-Foster to wear No. 1 with Kansas

Not really. We've always written about newcomers and their number choices. Just trying to get as much information out there as possible.

Been working on four or five other things today, too. Even without sports being played there's still A LOT going on.

Glad you stopped by!

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Buzz & Battles: A 2-part breakdown of Kansas basketball's 2020-21 nonconference schedule

Thanks, Len. This thing got a little long on me and even I lost track of where I skipped around a time or two. It's fixed now. Nothing earth-shattering, though.

As for the Kentucky thing, that definitely is weird, but Cal's club is dealing with MASSIVE roster turnover this offseason. I know that's how it goes a lot of years at Kentucky. And they'll definitely still have plenty of talent. But KU should have the more experience, more together team when these two square off to open the season. The timing of the game definitely helps make it less daunting.

Good point about Eastern Illinois. I've always been a big fan of that logic!

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Former Eudora High standout Mitch Ballock pumped to bring Creighton to Allen Fieldhouse next season

I suppose I could've, but that wasn't what the story was about and didn't seem all that important to me. We wrote about his decision back then, when he chose Creighton, and this was a story about his opportunity to come back "home" to play a game at a place he loves against a coach and program he respects.

He's had a nice career in Omaha and KU has been fine without him. Worked out well for all parties involved.

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