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Impact performers: Harris, Braun lead No. 6 Kansas to bounce-back win over Saint Joseph's

Math's hard. That's why I became a writer.
Mistake has been corrected. Thanks, Len.

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'Through Miles-colored goggles' — How Kansas football coach Les Miles developed his signature optimism

Beaty definitely tried to lead with optimism and positivity, but I think you saw some moments where he cracked and the frustrations mounted and cut into that persona. Like Kathy said about Les being "comfortable in his own skin," I'm not sure Beaty was ever fully comfortable during his time here. He felt the pressure, heard the criticisms and struggled to handle the losses and disappointment. Hard to blame him.

I think that's what's different here, though. Like it or not, Les is who he is and he's not going to change because he genuinely doesn't believe he needs to. That should help him stay the course and power through whatever comes his way. Whether that leads to wins or better days in the future remains to be seen, and there's certainly no guarantee that he's going to get this thing turned around. But he's going to stay true to himself and let the chips fall where they may.

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Setting expectations for Kansas football continues to be an exercise with many avenues

Miles said Monday that Jalon was going to be just fine regarding that minor injury he dealt with last weekend... Unless something new has surfaced between then and now, he appears to be OK.

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KU basketball coach Bill Self supportive of Kansas City's push for the temporary relocation of the NBA's Toronto Raptors

They were the New Orleans Hornets at the time of Katrina and when they moved to OKC temporarily... Moved to NOLA from Charlotte in 2002-03.

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It's time for action to match optimism for Kansas football and head coach Les Miles

We'll look into it a little more, but I know in Week 2 or 3, they had 17 freshmen or redshirt freshmen on the 2-deep depth chart. That's 17 of 44 players, nearly 40%. That's obviously a lot.

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It's time for action to match optimism for Kansas football and head coach Les Miles

All good, Chris. Wouldn't still be doing this if I didn't have thick skin! I know the "Fire Miles" sentiment is out there and I can't blame people for being severely disappointed in how this thing has gone thus far. That said, I don't think KU should or can fire him. I just think it's time for him and others to recognize that talk is cheap and that people want to see the team improving not just hear that it's going to. Time will tell how this thing plays out. And I think he'll get the time. We will see.

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It's time for action to match optimism for Kansas football and head coach Les Miles

Nobody's saying fire the coach or go get a bunch of juco kids. There's a lot to like about what Les is doing and there's a lot to not like, too. If it were more good than bad, then the record wouldn't be what it is and Saturdays wouldn't look like they look.

I predicted 1-9. Anyone paying close attention knew that this was going to be a rough season and that they were going to regress from last year's 3-9 record before they took another step forward.

That said, I think it's OK to expect (even in a down year) for the head coach — especially one as accomplished as Miles — to put a disciplined product on the field and for that coach to be able to have open and honest discussions about the team's issues instead of just continually saying "I like our guys" or "We're going to be a good football team" or "We are a good football team" or whatever other overly optimistic lines you can think of.

It doesn't matter to me what he says. My job's the same win or lose, good or bad, fluff or gruff. But it matters to the fans. And if a coach and program want their buy-in (which you need at Kansas), I think they should do better to answer the questions about obvious issues — and find ways to address them — instead of talking around them.

Just my two cents. Obviously they already have your buy-in and several others like you. I admire that. I can't imagine how miserable it must be to be a fan of this program right now. But you're right that you've got to give it time. And if you're willing to stay positive and stick with them during that time, then more power to you. I just happen to think that even while giving it time, it's OK to expect a lot better than what they've given this season.

Sorry for the novel. And thanks for reading the site and offering your thoughts and opinions. We greatly appreciate the interaction and feedback.

Take care!

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Examining a variety of 5-guard lineups Kansas basketball could play this season

All of that is still being worked out at the NCAA level, but one likely scenario has the NCAA waiving the scholarship cap for the 2021-22 season, meaning programs could have more than 13 scholarship players for that one season and then they'll have to figure it out from there.

I'd imagine most programs will have some players take advantage of the free year and others choose not to, so it probably won't be too difficult to work through. The biggest thing would be paving the way — through recruiting and roster management — for your roster to be back at 13 scholarship players for the 2022-23 season.

Long story short: They'll have some time to sort it all out.

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Examining a variety of 5-guard lineups Kansas basketball could play this season

Yep. All winter sports athletes will be getting an extra season of eligibility and an extra year to use it regardless of how much or how little they play this season... Makes for some interesting options for a bunch of Jayhawks and also takes some of the pressure off of recruiting in the 2021 class.

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Jayhawks exploring five-guard lineups in preparation for 2020-21 hoops season

Toning it down a little would be a good idea, Mr. McCabe. We're all entitled to our opinions and we like to create a forum where you're free to express those (within reason), but continual attacks, name-calling and borderline profanity are not needed here. Get creative! I know you've got it in you.

Thank you.

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