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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

this is the reason why i am ok with the refs not calling the charge (in my opinion it is a charge, and i saw it replay a bunch of times)

we lose one, we gain one. it's fair.

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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

then we have a different opinion. i saw the replay at least 15 times and i would have absolutely no problem (probably pissed off at the time, but after re watch in slow motion would calm down) if they called a charge on him in real time. when there is contact like that, you must call either a charge or a block.

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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

Let's not get carried away with refs hating KU for 39 minutes of regulation. The officiating was questionable going both ways. I'm not going to go with the 'officiating was pro-ISU first 39 minutes' argument because that makes us a bunch of whiners, especially after winning. Johnson should have been called for a charge, and if you only look at the final minute of regulation then absolutely we stole one. However, put into consideration the obvious charge call against Withey when Niang had his right foot in the air (which could not be more obvious to 3 officials) then that is the great equalizer. Eye for an eye. Also, if Withey doesn't get that cheap charge call, he is not in foul trouble which not only trumps but completely annihilates their argument to him getting 6 fouls (which also was a bad call because Young did not touch their player) because if they didn't get called for that charge, he would only have 4 and not be in risk of fouling out. So to be fair, that one terrible call against Withey was made up by the no call against Johnson. Fair is fair. Nothing left to argue.

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KU football coach Charlie Weis thrilled for former Notre Dame players on brink of national title

lol I'm pretty sure what he means is when CW says he won't take the credit and accolades for their success he basically reminded everyone that he recruited the kids, putting in our minds that he should get credit for it. it's like a smart way of doing it. CW is a crafty guy so take it as you will. and I'm not a ND troll or anything. just saying it as I see it, and what I think algolden meant to say.

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KU basketball notebook: Prep recruit Joel Embiid to announce college choice today

well basically you're saying he will end up unranked when he comes to KU in 2013, there's still a lot of time....

scouts are placing him in the 25-40 range rankings wise, he's just unranked atm.

this is already a good class, and will be a great class if embiid commits. however, if we land wiggins or randle too, this will be Self's best class at KU and a top 3 class in all recruiting.

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Completed chat with Tom Keegan about start of KU men's basketball season

he will need a huge senior season to get drafted, but with all this young talent on the roster this season i dunno how big he will have to come up. i think he goes overseas and excels.

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Kansas quarterback Jake Heaps using transfer year to get head start on 2013

well he's either excited and determined to help KU football next season, or he's watching Crist crash and burn in front of him and thinking what the heck he got himself into. at least he'll have a 5 star WR to throw to next year.

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KU ranked No. 7 in first USA Today coaches poll and other Big 12 Media Day notes

i agree we have more talent but talent does not necessarily justifiy higher ranking especially on the first poll. we lose our two top scorers and a lot of our talent is inexperienced. i think we're top 4/5 to end the regular season.

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ESPN: KU hoops has No. 2 recruiting class for 2013

nah, he's just calling it how he sees it. If Withey isn't playing great at the moment, why say he is? no one is saying he can't be great during the season, but he has to prove it first :P

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Point guard Frank Mason commits to KU basketball

Even if this may be so, it is still slightly disturbing that a top 5 program in NCAA history, just coming off a national championship game is still whiffing out on many of the top recruit and has to resort to stealing a recruit from Providence, Rutgers, Virginia Tech and South Carolina. Self may be a hell of a coach, but we're getting blitzed on the recruiting front lately.

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