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KU summer scrimmage highlights: June 12

wow sherron gained some weight!

our team is looking good, and wiggins isn't even here yet!

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Bill Self basks in glow

I saw the Okafor comment posted somewhere else, and apparently he mentions that John Cal also tells him that a lot of people hate how he recruits and how they assume he is cheating. I don't actually hate Calipari but I don't like his recruiting style. Utilizing rappers like Drake and Jay Z to push the idea that Kentucky players are celebrities / rock stars. Thankfully, Wiggin's personality doesn't mesh with that kind of thought.

Also, Okafor mentioning that he will take notice of how KU handles a superstar talent is BIG. These guys will take notice. If Andrew Wiggins (who every basketball player in America and Canada are now aware of his name) succeeds here that will be his legacy. It's honestly more than just helping us win the Big 12 and the NCAA championship, it's about Bill Self going out there and telling recruits look at what we just did with THE Andrew Wiggins. All that hype will account for something. If he is successful and KU is successful I think this entirely changes the outlook for future recruiting.

On the downside, expect a lot more one and does like UK.

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Wiggins followed heart in signing with Jayhawks

i believe Wiggins made that clear during recruitment he wouldn't be around in the summer. so the coaches either had to accept that or stop recruiting him. but hey, when you are drawing comparisons to Lebron and Michael Jordan you have that power.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

that's unfair. everyone on this message board has an opinion or 'advice'. keegan is just voicing his. i'm sure we'd all be in trouble if Self had to rely on your opinions or mine all the time.

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Opinion: Guessing game — Nobody knows where prep phenom Andrew Wiggins will spend his one year in college

why do people say stuff like this? have you actually seen him play or watched any of his interviews? I've seen plenty of both (highlights and watched him live) and for someone as talented as him he is pretty quiet and laid back. i get the feeling he just wants to play ball, not promote himself. just watch any game where he plays with Randle and you can see who has the bigger ego.

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Opinion: Nice guy McLemore must beware frauds who come with fame

lecture? that hardly sounded like a lecture to me. more like advice. and how is it no one's business to give good advice? it's not like we haven't seen bad money management before from celebrities or sports stars.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

he'd be a strong contender for poy next year, but this was the right choice. top 5 lock this season, and possibly top 15 next season with such a strong draft.

here's to Ben being Self's first KU guy to become a NBA superstar! best of luck

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

good luck to Anrio. i don't understand some of you. other players like Royce Woolridge and Nick Bahe all transferred yet most of you were happy for them and wished them the best. Rio transfers and half (or more than half) of you are angry and say 'don't let the door hit you on the way out'. seems like you guys are more hurt and bitter about him leaving because he has more potential than the other two guys. seems unfair

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Why KU-Carolina won't happen

People that still dislike Roy for leaving, are you saying you'd rather have him here as our coach than Bill Self right now? If not, then IMO you have no reason to hate on him. Seriously.

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AP: Marcus Smart Big 12 player of year; Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore 1st team

all these votes are media influenced. Jeff Withey may very well be the most important player on the best team but Smart has all the media attention. He launched himself into NPOY conversation, led his team to give us our only home loss, established himself as a top 10 draft pick (top 5 maybe) and rejuvenated a dying OK State basketball crowd. Not to mention he has some pretty stellar stats for a freshman. That alone is story enough for the media to drool over him.

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