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Ex-Husker QB Frazier sold on Turner Gill

"I hope you can get the venim out of your system"

I believe the correct spelling is venom Big Red. I would recommend thumbing through a dictionary when you are on your combine.

As for not being worthy to have a coach like Gill, I think you are talking out of your backside. Kansas University supports the athletic programs like no other and some people are not sold on having Herm Edwards Jr. as their head football coach. 20-30 at a MAC school really? His daughter is working for the athletic department which looks bad for a school that has put themselves under the microscope for other minor violations. This just feels bad and as a longtime KU fan I am extremely unimpressed this morning. I could be way off base here, but I think this hire will prove to be really bad for this institution. What happens if GIll does not take this program to the promise land like some of you are expecting and he gets the MM treatment. Then all of the media outlets start with the KU is committing racial prejudice against a good man who could not win in the Big 12.

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KU AD Perkins meets with football players over concerns about coach Mark Mangino

I completely support the KU athletic department with any decision they make; fire or retain Coach Mangino. With that being said if I had a to throw a name out it would be like another poster suggested, Phil Fulmer. Fulmer was 152-52 at Tennessee and won a NC.

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