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Reports: KU freshman Cheick Diallo to declare for NBA draft; won't hire agent

Relax people. With the new rules, Self probably encourages everyone to go to the NBA combine. It will be a good situation for all of them to learn what they need to work on from an NBA perspective. Plus, Diallo is not hiring an agent. This is the key. Both Bragg and Diallo would be foolish to leave without at least one more year. Svi also isn't ready and I'm sure he knows it. Another year at KU doesn't simply give these guys a chance to develop their games and their bodies, you know. They also do this other thing called college. It's a good thing to have a couple years of that under your belt as you go through life. It isn't just being on the team another year.

The entire Kentucky team, even their walk ons, is going this route. There's nothing to worry about unless we hear the Jayhawk players are hiring agents. Then, well, that's a whole 'nother matter.

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KU starts winning slogan

And now for an update: This just in, Generallisimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and the Jayhawks are still a pretty bad football team.

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Tom Keegan: Shorter bench means Kansas wins

Jay Scott, welcome to planet Earth. Enjoy your stay. I'm assuming you know so little that you simply do not realize how stupid you are, which explains why you believe you know more than Bill Self. Fool's gold, indeed!

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Only 2 scholarships available? Get real. There's ALWAYS scholarships available... always... especially for the blue chippers. Players who would not see court time are assisted in finding programs where they can play. That's the best spin you can put on it, and really, it's pretty accurate... so don't sweat that "only 2" thing just yet.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

I had attended Late Night for 26 consecutive years. I was shut outside because the KU fans acted more like Sooner fans (think about that one) than Jayhawk fans. Those who cut in line should be ashamed of themselves. They are not real fans. The way to solve this is easy. 1. One line going south... 2. monitors walking on both sides of the line, kicking anyone out who cuts in... 3. a police presence... 4. small gifts such as T shirts, pictures of players, action shots signed by Bill Self, raffles for more expensive things handed out to all who are turned away, a front row seat to next year's Late Night, etc.

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Opinion: A look at KU’s football fortunes

3 Wins max. Weis is, and always has been a snake oil salesman and a has been that never was.

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Analysts project KU freshmen near top of 2014 NBA Draft

Wow. "Love it or leave it" lives on. I thought it was a free country. Call me naive. In so many other sports, such as tennis and baseball, people can opt to play for pay if they choose to do so. To call the NBA greedy and dismiss the greed possessed by universities is beyond the pale. These players get nothing for their incredibly hard work, except the possibility to graduate from college, and they have to basically earn that themselves too. Meantime, the university can use their likenesses, their numbers, their stories, and their personalities to make huge amounts of money. I disagree with you completely, but I won't suggest you move to Europe. It seems obvious to me, though, that you are happy with freedom, as long as people choose to do what you think is right. Is that unamerican? My opinion is, it is, but again, you do have that right. This is America.

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KU assistant Kurtis Townsend named top recruiter

Wow, is Townsend ever full of himself. Notice how he took all the credit for the award and made it sound like he was receiving an Emmy? Well, yeah... maybe not! I never saw so many humble statements packed inside such few words!

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

For years, I sent a DVD of each game to a friend who was a professor at KU before he retired. That's how we solved the problem. Your dad could still see the games, maybe not live, but my guess is, he would enjoy seeing the DVDs. Get busy.

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New TV deal expands KU athletics coverage, access

Okay, so I have one question that KU or anyone could answer. If a KU fan lives in Lawrence, what is the best move, given the priority to watch every second of every game and every show that has something to do with KU basketball? What cable company should we be using? (or which one should we allow to use us?) That's it. Someone answer that one and I'm satisfied.

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