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Carlton Bragg headed to that Kansas

There's an opportunity for personal growth here, Mr. Crain. Responding in kind to disrespect is really no better than being disrespectful in the first place. I wish you good health and happiness.

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KU swimming wins UNO dual

Congrats to the University of Kansas swim team! Interesting choice by the sports editor to use a tag line for the story that suggests we won some kind of intense card game.

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KU summer scrimmage highlights: June 12

Lots of very positive stuff there on the shooting ability of our perimiter players. Tarik can finish and showed at least one nifty pass to Jamari. Embiid looked tired and/or lost and I did not see him on the positive side of any footage. The blue squad definitely took the reds to school.

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KU guard Ben McLemore sets press conference for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday

He's gonna let Conner Frankamp have his number and switch to 45 to honor MJ when he comes back to KU next year?

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If you had to pick one, who would you say your favorite KU senior is?

Wonder what these pol results would have been like immediately after the game in Ames? It's too bad that the Michigan "nut gate" game is going to be a part of the EJ legacy.

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Bradley McDougald speeds up at pro day

Don't use words Texans aren't likely to understand...

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Roy riled up about UNC's seed, not possible KU match-up

Just think of it as the other 60 teams getting a "bye" into the second round...nope that didn't make it better. Still seems stupid.

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

Disappointed that JR won't be coming to KU, but who can blame him? He gets to attend a year-long NBA draft workout and doesn't have to worry about learning an offense or any plays. He won't have to puke his guts out in a trash can during boot camp. He doesn't have to worry about anything but NCAA investigators. And their credibility these days is about as good as the coach he has signed on to play for. FOE just wasn't in the cards this time.

Best of luck, Orange Julius Ceasar Salad Shooter McGavin. Rock Chalk!

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KU earns No. 1 seed in South region

Is it not amazing that the top two overall seeds in the NCAA tournament BOTH had a three game losing streak during the regular season?

I doubt that has ever happened before, but I may never know the answer as I am far too lazy to do the research.

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Notebook: Bill Self on Bruce Weber comment: 'Our players definitely knew about it'

Both of the top two overall seeds in the tournament had a three game losing streak this season. Louisville had theirs a few weeks earlier than KU. I wonder if that has ever happened before.

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