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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

An ego thing?

He was a highly touted recruit with 1-and-done potential coming out of high school. After struggling to deliver on his promise at Mississippi St, he came to KU and finally showed why he had a reputation coming out of high school at one of the highest pressure places to play in all of college basketball.

Not only that, but he went on to be the primary reason that KU won another Big 12 tourney and reached the Final Four, with his 22 ppg on 54% shooting (54% from three).

He would have improved as a player with another year, but the idea that his draft stock would have been higher next year is pure fantasy. He did exactly what a SG is supposed to do on the biggest stage.

Even though he didn't get drafted, you better believe his tourney performance was a huge factor in him being one of the first signed players, post-draft. Faster than many of the second round draftees.

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Tom Keegan: All eligible players should test NBA waters

This rule should have been in place a long time ago.

There is no helping the athletes who stay in the draft despite all evidence to the contrary that they aren't going to be drafted. They will always exist.

But at least this rule gives a counterpoint to the huge list of family, friends and other people who have zero say in whether a player gets drafted. If you wanna listen to your friends and family over the NBA, more power to you. But at least now players are hearing the NBA's voice.

All that said, I think Diallo will earn an invite to the Combine, and I think in that kind of a situation--where he can showcase is raw, physical abilities and his relative inexperience playing basketball is less of a liability--he will probably do well enough against other prospects to be a projected first-round pick.

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

"Planning" to go deeper in the tournament is a fool's errand.

The idea that there is some secret formula to tournament winning that is different than winning regular games is absurd.

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’


What I don't understand is this idea that Self was outcoached by Wright. So Wright had a strategy to blunt KU's attack. He focused his defense on Perry Ellis and lucky for him, it worked. Of course, if we shoot from the perimeter like we did all season, that gameplan backfires, as it allowed quite a few open looks from three that we couldn't convert. Considering that it was a closely contested game where neither team managed to generate a double-digit lead and came down to the final 15 seconds, I'd say Self's coaching job was pretty impressive considering the way his best players executed.

Focusing on his Elite Eight record, while frustrating, when he has an opportunity next year to tie the record for consecutive conference titles with one of the most dominant teams of all time, in an era where parity reigns supreme, seems to be missing the forest for the trees.

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Tom Keegan: Difference between Final Four, Elite Eight — ‘Huge. It’s monumental’

What David Robinett said.

I don't login/comment around these parts much anymore because I get sick of reading all the entitled whining from so many people who carry the label of "fan".

But I guess I was compelled to do so today as part of processing the end of the season. This game (and this year's tournament) are perfect examples of why it's so foolish for people--not just KU fans--to hinge on the results of the tournament while simultaneously looking at regular season outcomes with relative indifference. We look at the excitement that comes with the unpredictability of the tourney and mistakenly use that excitement level as a surrogate for significance. An analogy, if you will: a half-court shot is exciting, but you wouldn't judge the quality of a shooter based on his percentages in half-court (and longer) bombs. Playing in the tournament is a similar affair--yes a good team is going to have a better chance to go far (much like a good shooter is going to have a better chance to hit that half-court shot), but other factors come into play.

Things like who you play and when--does anyone here think Villanova was, not only a 2-seed, but the "worst" 2-seed (as we should have been playing as the overall 1-seed)? I don't. But it is what it is. The tourney committee does questionable things with regards to seeding, matchups and geographical placement every single year. Look at right now. Who is sitting at the top of the ratings with an offensive efficiency of 4th overall and defensive efficiency of 7th? Villanova.That was a title game caliber matchup last night and we (and Nova, truth be told) had the misfortune to be playing in it two games too early.

Things like whether the officials are on point on a given night or not. The crew for our game against Nova was atrocious. Like most college officiating these days. And I don't even mean that they favored Nova. They were mostly inconsistent in their calls and while, on balance, I think Nova got the end benefit, but by a margin so thin that it's something you have to expect and play through. But that kind of thing becomes magnified when a team has an off night.

Things like two of your best players having off nights. If EITHER Ellis or Selden had shot the ball marginally better, it's very likely we're winning that game. Considering all that went against us in that game--including the execution by our best players, it's astonishing that it was a one-possession game until the final few seconds.

(to be continued)

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Shooting guard Vick to begin KU visit

I remember when participating in the comments section of this site used to be fun.

Amazingly, the change to require real names has somehow coincided with the environment on here becoming *more* toxic.

I don't know why I continue to come back. Guess a part of me hopes that interesting, thoughtful debate will have returned.

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

^ A wholly predictable response.

Grow up Rodney.

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

Or, viewed another way--Weber dismisses players because he CAN'T get them in line.

How, exactly, does Marcus Foster's need to be dismissed from KSU say anything positive about Weber?

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

Comments like this, as well as the inevitable back and forth rabble, are why I stopped participating in message boards.

Sports are supposed to be fun. Comments like this remove all that fun.

Listen to yourself. Despondent, not because of a loss or some other serious failure, but because the relative competing schools for a given prospect don't meet some imagined standard of what schools a so-called "blue blood" program should compete against. It's severely lacking in perspective and comes across as whiny and entitled.

Grow up.

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

I usually agree with this sentiment... but in this case, one call was LITERALLY the difference (on the scoreboard) in the game.

The foul calls are what they are. You have to play through bad foul calls (or no calls) because they are subjective, they are hard to get right 100% of the time, and they tend to go both ways and even out (or close enough) over the course of 40 minutes.

But playing through a missed shot clock violation is no different than if a team were to win by 1 point after being credited with three points on a two-pointer. It's no different than if KU had been credited for Oubre's layup that he hit after the halftime buzzer.

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