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FINAL: KU overcomes 10-point, second-half deficit, defeats Purdue, 63-60

at the 5 minute mark I screemed, "EJ, time to put yo' shoes on and carry this team to a W." Sho' 'nuff, he did.

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Hey KSU: Embrace history


sherron's (5'10'') natural position is sg?

i think we lost b/c this team never gelled, and it wasn't nearly as deep or as talented as the '08 team (no disrespect to any of the guys on this team, but they don't have 6 guys ready to get drafted).

They had less room for error than the '08 squad, and they couldn't control the pace of the game as well as the '08 team. it reminded me of ol' roy's teams who, if they couldn't turn a game into a track meet, they couldn't win when it counted most.

Simmons wrote an interesting bit about the dysfunctional dynamic on this team.

but you are right to an extent - TT was a bit underwhelming this year.

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Hey KSU: Embrace history


i refuse to do what ksu fans did in '08 - desperately attempt to save face (because this season was a failure) by attaching themselves to a bigger fish like some pathetic parasite. The regular season is nothing compared the tournament, and i refuse to be like a k-state fan and say "well, we did beat you guys!"

I'd rather lose to ksu all three times this year and have gone farther in the tournament.

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KU men sent home early

maybe. i'm betting he leaves, but maybe he'd like to stay with his brother (or his brother and other guys on the team who care about him told him he had some big holes to fill in his game), or just doesn't want this nasty taste in his mouth whenever he thinks of college basketball.

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Recap: March Madness strikes Kansas in round of 32

Good article. Thanks for the fun reads all season. Hope to read more next season!

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

70-63 ku

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Note to ’Cats: Don’t get ‘chippy’

My money is on HOV being a Ksu fan. Living in manhattan, you'd be amazed at how they are hardly fans of their own team- it's all about tearing down the accomplishments of other teams. Not a day of work goes by without someone talking about ku NCAA violations. They make ku-ksu games into a competition of sinners against saints. A uk fan might not be dumb enough, but a ksu fan is more than ignorant enough. :)

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Greatest KU games No. 2: Danny and the Miracles

I "remember" that my dad was worried that watching this game was going to cause her to go into labor. it didn't, but i went to the parade barely a week old.

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Markieff secret weapon

i liked that samantha ryan bit.

a fun read keeg, its good to be reminded of markieff's impact on this team.

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Vandals turn 'KS' sign in Manhattan into 'KU'

that's hilarious. good natured ribbing.

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